Tasty Malay food at Seri Melayu Heritage in Klang

Resembling pretty lace doilies, the roti jala tastes as delicious as it looks. (Sheela Vijayan @ FMT Lifestyle Pic)

KLANG: The royal city of Klang is famous for many things – on the one hand for its rich history. After all, the settlement of the city can be traced back 800 years. It’s also known as a foodie’s paradise – with the city’s most popular offering being the non-halal Chinese Bak Kut Teh.

However, Klang’s culinary diversity extends to other cuisines such as Malay, Indian and even Thai cuisine.

If you are craving good Malay food, head to Seri Melayu Heritage Restaurant. Located in the residential area of ​​Taman Chi Liung, the restaurant is close enough to Klang Commuter Station.

The interior is tastefully decorated in yellow and black. (Sheela Vijayan @ FMT Lifestyle Pic)

Inside the restaurant is cosy, tidy and comfortable with air conditioning. A certificate displayed at the counter shows that the restaurant won a cleanliness competition for its premises organized by Klang Municipal Council in 2019. On a recent visit for lunch, FMT sampled some of the crowd’s favorites.

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flavor notes

What’s better than enjoying a hot bowl of Asam Pedas on a rainy day? (Sheela Vijayan @ FMT Lifestyle Pic)

The Asam Pedas, a dish popular with Malaysians, is said to be the highlight here. As the name suggests, the spicy broth is both sour and hot – ideal for enjoying on days when it’s cold outside.

The pomfret is served with white rice, salted egg and spicy sambal belacan – good news for those who want to take this dish to a fiery level!

If you’re looking for a hearty meal, Ayam Penyet hits the spot. (Sheela Vijayan @ FMT Lifestyle Pic)

Although ayam penyet is part of Indonesian cuisine, it has become popular with Malaysians and this dish is made right here.

Fun fact: It’s said that ayam penyet — which means smashed fried chicken in Javanese — derives its name from the fact that the chicken is literally pounded to soften the meat.

Here, the roast chicken has a crispy and flavorful outer layer, but is tender and flavorful on the inside. The sambal is another highlight, because the hot spice gives the food a nice kick. Paired with white rice, fried tofu, and tempeh, the combination is simple yet delicious.

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The pulut kuning, served with curried chicken, may be rich — but indulge yourself. (Sheela Vijayan @ FMT Lifestyle Pic)

The pulut kuning, a dish typically enjoyed in the Malay community on special occasions such as weddings and engagements, also gets the thumbs up.

The sticky rice, which owes its yellow color to turmeric, is served with curried chicken and a boiled egg. Sticky yet soft, the rice is best enjoyed with plenty of flavorful and thick sauce.

For those who want to enjoy a little less filling, roti jala — known as topping pancakes — is a tasty option. Also served with a bowl of curried chicken and a boiled egg, the roti jala is soft and delicious.

And while they’re delicious when dipped into the creamy curry, they’re just as delicious on their own. Enjoy with a hot cup of kopi ‘o’ or teh tarik for a truly Malaysian gastronomic experience.

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Other dishes on the menu include gulai lemak daging salai (smoked beef cooked in coconut milk), nasi ulam (mixed herb rice) and nasi lemak. The house menu is extensive as it also includes non-Malay cuisine – so try their version of Hokkien Mee, Chinese fried rice and a variety of pastas.

A bowl of cold cendol is a perfect way to end your meal – especially on a hot day. (Sheela Vijayan @ FMT Lifestyle Pic)

Cendol, a popular Malaysian dessert, is always a sweet option to end your meal. The bowl of shaved ice is topped with a generous helping of coconut milk, palm sugar, pandan jelly, and red beans—and each refreshing scoop is best enjoyed slowly.

Other desserts on the menu include sago gula melaka and banana fritters with ice cream, so go ahead, indulge, and satisfy your sugar cravings.

Seri Melayu Hereditary Restaurant
No. 115, Lebuh Turi
Persian Raja Muda Musa
Taman Chi Liung
41200 sound

Contact: 03-3382 1789

opening hours: every day from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

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