Task force needed to strengthen Indonesian sea toll project initiation

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Secretary of the President University Foundation Jony Oktavian Haryanto said that a special task force team for China and Indonesia is needed to strengthen the initiation of the Indonesian sea toll project, which is the Chinese government’s OBOR project will support.

“Hopefully, the existence of this special task force team will bring offers, input and suggestions to the government of China and the government of Indonesia so that they will be able to offer special incentives,” Haryanto said in a briefing at the NEXT Summit : Global Change and Rebuilding Cooperation in Jakarta, Monday.

He noted that the industry is growing and investors are being attracted to invest in special economic zones.

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He also said that a new model of “Komunikasi, Kolaborasi, Networking” (KKN) is needed to replace the old KKN model, which is also the attitude of corruption (Korupsi), collusion (Kolusi) and nepotism ( nepotism).

With the new KKN model involving many countries such as China, Korea, Japan and others, connectivity between regions is productive, and the Sea Toll Project is in line with China’s One Belt One Road initiative.

PT Jababeka, which has over 30 years of experience building the 5,600ha Cikarang Industrial Zone in West Java, successfully transforms unproductive land and has become home to multinationals such as Unilever, Samsung, Mattel, Hyundai and others.

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Also P.T. Jababeka has built other projects such as Kendal Industrial Estate — Special Economic Zones Central Java-JV with Sembcorp-Singapore, Tanjung Lesung — Tourism Special Economic Zone (SEZ)-West Java and Morotai Special Economic Zone (SEZ)-North Maluku.

The Morotai Special Economic Zone is of strategic importance as it lies at the heart of trade between Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Taiwan and China.

At present, the Morotai Special Economic Zone can be seen as a strategic initiative to accelerate economic growth in East Indonesia, which lags behind other regions in Indonesia but actually has rich natural potential and a very strategic position.

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Guests at this forum include academics and intellectuals who can influence and contribute to the Beijing-Jakarta government.

“Other countries looking to invest in Indonesia also benefit from its natural resources, abundant young workforce and fast-growing domestic market,” he said.

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