Tanzania: Milestone As France Opens Office in Dodoma

Dodoma — The government’s decision to relocate its headquarters to Dodoma received a positive response due to the increasing influx of embassies and international organizations establishing offices in the country’s capital.

The French Embassy joined the struggle yesterday, opening its offices in Dodoma as the third foreign mission to do so, after Germany and China. There are also many international organizations participating in the movement, thus promoting a promising partnership in all fields.

Congratulating the event, Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Dr. Stergomena Tax, by opening the French Embassy offices here yesterday, said that this move opened a new page in the cooperation between the two countries.

“We are gathered here to witness another milestone in Tanzania-France relations, with the opening of offices, which marks another chapter. We greatly appreciate the role the Embassy has played in making a case for opening this office,” said Dr Tax.

The opening of offices is indeed an important step for the relations of both countries and a commitment to take diplomatic relations to higher levels.

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Ever since the government decided to relocate its headquarters to Dodoma, it has continued to encourage embassies and international organizations to set up their offices in Dodoma, as it guarantees smooth relocations.

Dr Tax urged the diplomatic community to heed the government’s call to open embassies in Dodoma, as Dodoma has allocated lands and deeds to all embassies and international organisations. He also said that the best infrastructures and social services are in place and much more is coming.

The government has also invested heavily in ensuring that Dodoma is well equipped with quality basic social services and adequate infrastructure (hard and soft infrastructure).

He assured that the government would provide the necessary facilitation to embassies and international organizations for a smooth relocation.

“Dodoma will be exactly what you want to see. I’m sure the opening of the French Liaison Office is a step towards a full-fledged French Embassy in Dodoma, it sends an encouraging message to other countries and organisations,” he insisted. .

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I am pleased to learn that the newly opened office in Dodoma will house not only the Embassy but also one of our Development Partners, the French Development Agency (AFD).