Takeda nabs dengue vaccine approval in Europe, as travel, climate change contribute to rise in cases – Endpoints News

Takeda’s dengue vaccine Qdenga is now approved in the European Union, following its initial approval this summer in Indonesia. The bigger question, however, especially for Europe, may be: Is the vaccine needed?

Takeda says yes. While dengue is not endemic to mainland Europe, global travel, increases in globalization and climate change lead to a jump in outbreaks in non-endemic areas marking a need for Qdenga. It is the first dengue vaccine that can be used without testing for previous infection. Sanofi’s already approved Dengvaxia requires a blood test before vaccination.

Takeda plans a country-by-country rollout in Europe for travelers, and a more typical vaccine rollout in overseas EU countries where dengue is endemic. Takeda will work with those countries in national immunization programs, Takeda said in an emailed response to questions from Endpoints newsadding that launches are expected to begin next year.

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The global incidence of dengue has jumped eightfold, Takeda said in its press release. According to a Eurosurveill report, France, for example, recorded 65 autochthonous or non-imported cases of dengue, well above the country’s typical handful. Germany, Italy and Spain have also recorded cases since 2018.

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Dengue is endemic in more than 100 tropical and subtropical countries, according to the World Health Organization, led by Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines, India and Indonesia this year by number of cases to date.

Along with the EU rollout, Takeda is working to raise dengue awareness with healthcare professionals and the general public with the launch of websites for all audiences. Once the vaccine is launched in Europe, Takeda will work with the medical community “to help drive awareness and adoption of Qdenga, and ease barriers to vaccination,” Takeda said in the email.

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In October during their fiscal first half earnings, Takeda executives announced Qdenga and noted that half the world’s population is at risk, with 390 million dengue infections and four million hospitalizations.

CEO Christophe Weber said more details about Qdenga’s commercial strategy will be provided at an investor event on March 15. Takeda’s vaccine chief Gary Dubin told Reuters earlier this year that it expects Qdenga to generate $700 million to $1.6 billion in sales over the next few years. .


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