Sustainability, child labor just some hidden costs of ‘fast fashion’

Untreated hazardous waste water from textile manufacturers is typically released into rivers in the majority of countries where clothing is manufactured.  That expiration is one of the hidden costs of "fast fashion," cheaply produced articles intended to circulate quickly through the market.

Fast fashion can be described as “fast” in several ways: how quickly fashion trends change, how quickly products are produced, how quickly customers decide to buy something, how quickly packages are delivered and how quickly clothes are worn before they are thrown out. the wardrobe.

Conversations about fashion, sustainability and environmental awareness now often include the term “fast fashion”. The phrase refers to cheaply produced and priced items that replicate the latest catwalk styles. These pieces are quickly circulated through stores to capitalize on current trends.

Why is it an issue?

According to Business Insider, 10% of the world’s carbon emissions come from the fashion industry, which is comparable to the European Union. Due to the energy used in the production, manufacture and transportation of the millions of items purchased each year, the global fashion business produces a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.


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