Student Guide on travelling in Europe

Finally the day has come when you will finally finish all those tasks and pack your bags with clothes and not textbooks. The day you’ve been planning all those months ahead to embark on your European getaway.

Europe is one of the most beautiful continents to visit! It is a beautiful destination to prepare your travel experiences and engage with its range of backgrounds, traditions, delicious delights and hundreds of other countless experiences.

But with great adventure comes great responsibility, and that’s why we’ve created a special student guide to traveling in Europe. So, before it’s time for that flight, scroll down quickly.

Carrying huge bags is inconvenient and can also cost you extra for each flight. If you are organizing a trip with many flights, find out in good time whether checked baggage will cost you anything before you get to the airport.

By limiting yourself to carry-on luggage, you avoid wasting money on superfluous memorabilia to carry to your Manchester or Dublin student accommodation.

  • take out travel insurance

Travel insurance is extremely important and necessary for your trip around Europe. When purchasing travel insurance, you should understand what type of protection your plan offers. Travel insurance is more than just health insurance.

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There are many forms of coverage available depending on your needs. Think of travel insurance as an investment rather than a cost. It protects you in case something unexpected happens. Bad travel insurance is just as bad as no insurance at all.

Many new age travel insurance companies already offer services where you can book bespoke travel insurance directly from your student accommodation in Dublin or London.

  • Walk or bike to places.

Once in the European city, walk wherever you can, using only well-known public transport. We also recommend dividing your tours by geography to avoid wasting money traveling from one neighborhood to the other.

You can rent a bike instead of taking the bus. Because bike lanes are inexpensive and bike lanes are plentiful and wider than most pedestrian lanes, you save money while working on your well-being.

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Europe is a student-friendly location. You can use your student ID to get discounts on public transport and even in restaurants.

Many well-known brands and even local establishments across Europe offer student discounts ranging from 10% to 40%. With it, you can keep your finances green on your backpacking trip to Europe.

  • Skip the international phone plan

You can now communicate with almost anyone using mobile applications like WhatsApp, Zoom and Instagram. You will not be disconnected as there is free internet almost everywhere in Europe.

So don’t waste your time and money to buy expensive International roaming plans. Just buy an affordable plan to make emergency calls in unforeseen circumstances.

Eat in cheaper restaurants and bars. Most European nations have affordable local shops and food markets that sell a variety of foods at reasonable prices. Most food markets also offer a seating area where you can dine.

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Look for restaurants that offer affordable breakfasts and lunches with student discounts.


Traveling to Europe might be exciting for many people, but the process of planning the entire trip can be overwhelming, especially for first-time travelers. If you don’t want to spend a fortune but still don’t want to miss out on your planned European vacation, follow these tips to get the most out of your experience.

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