Stanley Tucci Talks Cocktails And Tips For Holiday Season Parties

According to Stanley Tucci, everyday martinis are perfect, especially if they’re made with Tanqueray.

“It’s natural because I love making cocktails,” Tucci said Travel + Free time about working with a beverage brand.

Stanley Tucci on his love for cocktails

Although he’s always loved making the perfect drink, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that Tucci shared cocktail instructions on Instagram and fans discovered his skills. Dedicated to the handful of friends who stay at home like the rest of the world, the video shows the Devil Wears Prada actor as not only a bright spot in dark times, but also an all-rounder. cocktails – of course with a sophisticated touch.

When asked why the martini is his drink of choice, Tucci had a brilliant answer that will make you change your drink order forever.

“There’s something celebratory about it,” he said. “There’s something elegant about it. It enhances your social experience. That’s what I’ve always loved about martinis.”

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“When you see people drinking in old movies, when you see James Bond [drinking one]it’s very elegant and rarefied.” She adds, “It takes you out of the ordinary.”

Stanley Tucci Cocktail
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Speaking of out-of-the-ordinary experiences, in addition to being a martini-making extraordinaire, Tucci is a top social media and reality TV host thanks to his CNN show “Looking for Italy.”

“I learned from my parents. They were amazing hosts,” shares Tucci, and they host amazing events, big and small, where guests dress up in their best and toast their time together over delicious cocktails.

“My parents were very good cooks, so people loved coming to our house,” she added. “They presented things very well.”

Thankfully, the actress has some party planning tips and her martini recipe just in time for the holidays.

Don’t feel pressured to invite everyone you know

When asked if people would like to host a small, intimate gathering or go all out, Tucci said it’s up to you, as long as you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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“It’s a personal choice. I would say it depends on how tired you are from working every day,” Tucci joked. “I guess it depends on who you are. But sometimes I just think it’s a good night out with the people I love.”

Stock your bar so guests can make their own drinks

Tucci wants to make each guest a custom drink, but he doesn’t have the time, and neither do you if you want to be a good host. Instead, he suggests keeping well-crafted alcohol and mixers on hand so everyone can make their favorite drink.

“People usually want something simple,” shares Tucci. “I usually don’t prepare cocktails in advance. I usually leave that to the individual.”

Have a few centerpieces ready for visual attention

However, there is one thing he does make that is a great garnish that anyone can add to their martini (or drink of choice).

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“Obviously, it has to match the flavor of the drink,” Tucci said. “And to make it more beautiful.”

For example, his bar has traditional dishes like olives and more savory options like rosemary and grapefruit. (The latter, he notes, is his favorite garnish for the Tanqueray No. TEN martini.)

“You can dress things up with a martini,” he adds.

Here’s how to make a martini just like Tucci.

Tanqueray Perfect 10 Stanley Tucci Signature Martini


  • 1.5 oz. or 45 ml Weight
  • .25 oz. or 7.3 ml of dry vermouth
  • Grape skins


  • Pour the gin into a shaker with ice and add the dry vermouth.
  • Using a bar or teaspoon, stir until perfectly combined.
  • Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a grapefruit peel.
    (Alcohol content: 0.6 fl oz)

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