! Spanish News Today – Not Without My Sausage: The Toughest And Most Lenient Airports For Carrying Spanish Meat

Publication date: 18/01/2023

Australia recently deported a Spanish man for carrying ham and cheese in his suitcase

Not without my sausage: the hardest and easiest airports to carry Spanish meat

We’ve all seen the airport security shows on TV where passengers are put on the first flight back home for trying to sneak through dangerous items like blades and other weapons in their luggage. But last week, a 20-year-old Spanish man became the first person to have his visa denied by strict Australian authorities for failing to declare meat and cheese in his bags.

The young passenger was detained at Perth Airport after border guards discovered that he was not carrying a gun or explosives in his suitcase, but 275 grams of bacon, 665 grams of ham and about 300 grams of cheese. His visa was immediately revoked and he was fined 3,300 Australian dollars – around 2,100 euros – and faces a three-year ban from the country.

Australia has some of the strictest biosecurity laws in the world, and since January 1, the government has made the violations even worse for travelers trying to enter the country with prohibited food products, in an attempt to keep Australia’s agricultural industry clean from mouth to mouth. diseases and other threats.

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Spanish jamon is famous around the world and it’s only natural that tourists would want to take a small slice home to share with family and friends, but different countries have wildly varying rules about what food items travelers can and can’t carry. Since Brexit, airports have also become much stricter about permitted and prohibited food items into Spain from Britain, and meat and dairy products are now banned.

The strictest border control

Australia is probably leading now with its January 1st law, but the US is definitely vying for that role. Even permitted products can cause trouble for travelers if they carry large quantities and each item must be declared before landing in the country. Failure to do so can result in fines of up to $10,000.

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Many common food items are permitted once they are for “personal use,” including spices and oils, cheese, butter, and yogurt, and canned and vacuum-packed products that do not contain meat.

So if traveling from Spain to North America, passengers are free to bring cooked cheeses and canned fish in their luggage as long as they do not exceed 5 kilos. Meat is strictly forbidden, so it’s best to leave the Spanish pig behind.

The least restrictive

Sausages and other pork products are usually restricted by border forces in most countries, but you can pack your suitcase full of Spanish jamón if you’re visiting Brazil, Argentina, Mexico or China. However, there is one caveat: the meat must be vacuum packed and cut into cubes or slices; Whole pigs are prohibited.

What about travel within the EU?

Ham, chorizo ​​and other meat products can be brought freely between Spain and other EU countries, either in hand luggage or in check-in bags. The countries themselves don’t really care how much food is brought in, but many airlines will have weight and volume restrictions, so check before you fly.

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Switzerland, a European country outside the European Union, allows the entry of up to half a kilo of meat per person per day, including pork. Of course, travelers must declare this and pay the appropriate import taxes. Norway, San Marino and the Faroe Islands also allow small amounts of meat products.

On the other hand, travelers arriving in Spain from a non-EU country are expressly prohibited from bringing meat or dairy products.

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