! Spanish News Today – Everything You Need To Know About Applying For A Spanish Work Visa

Anyone from outside the EU, including UK citizens, needs a permit to work legally in Spain

Everything you need to know about applying for a Spanish work visa

Spain attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year, drawn by its seemingly perpetual sunshine, pristine sandy beaches and laid-back pace of life. Of course, quite a number of expats now also call Spain home, and a job will be necessary for many looking to make the move more permanent.

Who needs a Spanish work visa?

Any citizen of a non-EU country including but not limited to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

How do I get a visa

There are many visa options and the process varies slightly with each one. In general, however, the first point of contact for applicants is the Spanish embassy or consulate in their home country. In certain cases, the potential employer in Spain must apply for the visa on behalf of the employee.

5 main types of Spanish work visas

1. Visa for highly qualified employees

If your profession is on the shortage list, you can qualify for a work visa as a highly qualified worker, as this means that there is a shortage of suitable candidates for your job within the EU.

This is one of the situations where the employer has to complete the first phase of the application process, which he will do at the Spanish Ministry of Labour.

2. Seasonal jobs

Again, prospective employers must apply to the Ministry for a seasonal work visa on behalf of the individual.

The residence permit is issued for the duration of the employment contract, applicants must be able to prove that they have accommodation, have enough money to cover their travel expenses and intend to return home after the end of the season.

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3. Self-employed and freelancers

This is where the process gets a little trickier. In order to be self-employed in Spain, you must apply for a work visa, which is only valid for a maximum of one year.

To qualify, you must meet several conditions, including:

  • Proof of sufficient financial means for your own livelihood
  • Evidence of relevant skills and experience
  • A business plan (in certain cases)
  • All ongoing contracts from companies you work for
  • Any licenses or registrations required in your area

Once the visa has been granted, it can be extended for another year provided you still meet the above requirements at the end of the first period.

4. EU Blue Card

Anyone who has a university degree (acquired over at least 3 years) or a specialist with 5 years of professional experience at a high level can apply for the EU Blue Card.

When the prospective employer requests this authorization, they must provide an employment contract that offers a salary that is at least 50% higher than the Spanish average, or 20% if there is a shortage of skilled workers in that particular profession.

After the Blue Card is issued, the employee must apply for a free work visa.

Like the visa for self-employed persons, Blue Cards are initially valid for one year, but can be extended.

5. Au Pair Visa

The visa for au pairs must be applied for in the worker’s home country and is also valid for one year, which can be extended if the requirements are met.

To qualify, applicants must:

  • be between 17 and 30 years old
  • Have a written employment contract with the host family that includes salary and working conditions
  • Demonstrate the financial means to support yourself while living in Spain
  • have health insurance

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