Spain, Japan, And Italy To Become Part Of Aeromexico Global Network In 2023

Mexico has become one of the most important destinations due to its rich culture, natural beauty and food. Aeromexico’s global network continues to strengthen its commitment to connecting Mexico to the world, with the aim of developing not only tourism but also business travel. To meet the demands of its passengers, Mexico has been brought closer to foreign passengers, allowing Mexican travelers to explore and experience Europe.

As a global network, this will be Aeromexico’s largest schedule between Mexico and Europe, with 54 non-stop weekly flights to five European cities during the summer peak: from Mexico City, Aeromexico will fly to Rome and return to Tokyo. Increase daily frequencies to Guadalajara, Monterrey and Aeromexico Madrid From Guadalajara and Monterrey, Aeromexico Madrid will increase daily connections to Rome, London, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam.

Global network of Mexican aviation and aviation
Vector graphics of Mexican aviation and airplanes. | © Getty Images

With the best safety and quality standards in the business, Mexico’s international airline will operate more than 100 domestic and international flights by March 2023. Still offering the best connectivity in the country.

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Service to Rome and service to Tokyo will resume

Aeromexico is pleased to say that it will continue to work to connect to Mexico and the rest of the world by summer. Starting March 25, the airline will operate daily non-stop flights from Mexico City to Tokyo and from Mexico City to Rome.

Aeromexico will expand its global network to three nonstop weekly flights between Mexico City and Rome, increasing that number to five on June 1. Customers will quickly connect to other Italian attractions such as Milan, Turin, Genoa, Venice and Florence. , Naples, Catania and Bologna are all accessible to the “Eternal City”.

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Aeromexico Global Network SERVICE
The company will provide non-stop service to Mexico City. | © Aeromexico

Aeromexico is proud to return to Tokyo after almost three years, reintegrating Asia into its global network. The airline will operate non-stop flights to Mexico City and connect Mexico, the Americas and the entire Asian continent via Tokyo.

From 2006 to 2020, Aeromexico flew to Japan. Resuming these activities post-Covid-19 requires a renewed bond and alliance between our countries. Mexican of the world an airline will be continue to to suggest is the best connection in is country to to operate more from 100 domestic and international flight by March 2023, while save is the highest health, security and service standards.

There are daily flights from Guadalajara and Monterrey to Madrid.

Aeromexico will also begin five weekly flights from Monterrey and Guadalajara to Madrid on March 27, with frequencies increasing to daily starting June 1. Aeromexico offers 20 weekly flights from Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey to connect Spain and Mexico. By June 2023, there will be 28 weekly flights to Spain from these three cities.

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Aeromexico in Monterrey
Mexico’s global airline will continue to offer the best connections in the country. | © Aviationonline

Summer peak season in five European cities.

The new Mexico-Europe flights will increase Aeromexico’s service to Europe by more than 20 percent, with 54 weekly flights. This is a record-breaking performance by Aeromexico using the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the safest, most modern and environmentally friendly aircraft operating between Mexico and Europe.

Mexico International Airport
Aeromexico will also begin five flights a week to Madrid from Monterrey and Guadalajara. | © Off-road travel

Aeromexico Cargo is equipped to transport cargo on every long-haul trip thanks to its infrastructure, credentials and capacity. Last year, the company transported more than 136,000 tons of cargo through the entire network.

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