Sophie Lennon wins Junior Eurovision Éire and will travel to Yerevan thanks to the public’s favour

The Grand finale from Ireland Junior Eurovision Irelandthe preselection of the country for Junior Eurovision 2022came to an end a few moments ago. Sophie Lennon was the lucky performer to win the show and will travel to Yerevan to represent the Gaelic nation at the European contest. Two other artists barely missed a ticket to the Armenian capital. Although the program had a panel of top experts who reviewed the various performances, it was was the sovereign public, through their votes, responsible for determining the results of the broadcast?.

The grand finale, which is a marathon of six consecutive Sundays filled with music, joy and funwas presented by journalist and radio station Louise Cantillon and newcomer Darragh Ó Caoimh, which first joined the format. The jury that determined the outcome of the evening consisted of: Niamh Ni Chroinín, Chris Greene and Brian Kennedy as guest expert

In the first round, the participants gave us different interpretations of international pop songs. Then the three artists went to back on stage to try to win the favor of the crowd by singing covers of Irish Eurovision hits of all time. When the musical portion of the gala was over, the voting lines were closed and Sophie Lennon was announced as the overall winner of this year’s edition and the Irish representative at Junior Eurovision 2022.

participant Song round 1 Song round 2 Status
Clare Keeley Circle of life Hold me now Out
Sophie Lennon Leave a light on Why me? Winner
Niamh Noade Pompeii Rock ‘n Roll Kids Out

The youngster travels to Armenia in December, where she will try to impress all of Europe with her angelic voice and remarkable stage presence. The song she will play at Junior Eurovision 2022 will be announced in the coming weeks.

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You can enjoy her win performances from tonight’s gala below:


© TG4

Tonight’s gala broadcast closes an extended marathon of six consecutive Sundays filled with music, fun and Irish tradition. After four qualifying galas and a semi finalstonight’s format held a spectacular last gala in which the sovereign public determined the representative of the country Junior Eurovision 2022. Irish TG4 and the undefeated performer of the competition will look for the song that will represent the country on the European contest on December 11which will take place from Yerevan, Armenia.

The full provisional schedule for the Junior Eurovision Éire 2022 gala is as follows:

Gala Date Time Broadcast channel
Gala 1 18/09 9:30 pm TG4
Gala 2 25/09 9:30 pm TG4
Gala 3 02/10 9:30 pm TG4
Gala 4 09/10 9:30 pm TG4
Semi finals 16/10 9:30 pm TG4
Last 23/10 9:30 pm TG4
Broadcast plan Junior Eurovision Éire 2022


Junior Eurovision Ireland was born in 2015 with the mission to select the Irish representative for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest year after year. The format, which has changed in the course of the 6 editions of mechanics, consists of a variable number of galas in which a range of young talents musical talents in front of a prestigious panel of experts and former Irish Eurovision representatives.

While the participants performed their own performance until 2018 unreleased tracks from 2019 the competition will be based on the performance of covers of popular songs in Gaelic language. In this way, the organization wants to attract as many children as possible without having to own a song; in addition, the use and standardization of the Irish language is encouraged. Following the match, broadcaster TG4 will ensure that an original song is found that is tailored to the artist’s needs to perform on the Junior Eurovision stage.

Introducing Gaelic language broadcaster TG4’s fall 2022 schedule (Image: TG4)

The format, produced by Adare Productionsis already a classic on TG4’s fall schedule, featuring six editions produced since 2015. The organizers of the show want a platform for presentation young talent of the country and a space to show and normalize the Irish languagein accordance with the objectives of their respective broadcasters’ focus on producing Content in Gaelic. The tour ends on the Junior Eurovision podium, which gives the local language unparalleled international exposure and exposure.

We have a wonderful opportunity to bring Gaelic to the Eurovision stage through our young talents

Louise Cantillon (co-presenter of Junior Eurovision Éire 2022)


Ireland has a total of six Junior Eurovision Song Contest submissions, join the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and participate almost continuously until today, only missing the 2020 edition. The country has a poor track record in the league, mostly ranked in the lower middle of the ranking. The nation’s moment of glory came just a year after their debut, when they top 10 from the festival with young Zena Donnelly and her catchy Brice Ar Bhrice. The country would score a total of 121 points for a tenth place at the festival in La Valleta.

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The Irish entry in 2019, which was one of the favorites of the event, is also well remembered by Junior Eurofestival fans. the young one Anna Kearny and they bansheea carefully crafted ballad with Celtic sounds, would ultimately only be a 12th positionwhich was too little but understandable given the high level of the competition that year

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The final Irish performance at the festival came from the latest winner of the traditional national Junior Eurovision Ireland preselection format, Maiu Levi Lawlor. His song saoroan energetic, youthful uptempo track, didn’t work out 18th and penultimate place in the rankings, leading the country to the worst place ever.

will Ireland make a comeback this year and return to the top 10?


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be held in Yerevan, Armenia on Sunday December 11. The Karen Demirchyan Complex will host the show featuring performers between the ages of 9 and 14 from the other side Europe compete for the coveted crystal microphone, the trophy for the victory in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The organization of the show by the Armenian public broadcaster ARMTV follows the victory of Malena and they “Qami Qami” on the podium in Paris on Dec 19which led to a collective euphoria in her home country and the whole country took up the challenge to organize the festival with great pleasure enthusiasm and responsibilitythat promises to be more special than ever while being . celebrates 20th birthday in 2022. It won’t be the first time Armenia has hosted a Junior Eurovisionwho had also been given the opportunity to do so in 2011, Karen Demirchyan Complex.

A total of 16 countries will finally enter the festival stage for a magical evening full of music, dance and fun to the whole of Europenoting the accession of the United Kingdom like a stellar return and regret the withdrawals of Bulgaria, Germany, Azerbaijan and Russia. Exactly, full of magic will also be the corporate identity and motto of the edition, Spin the magic. In this way, ARMTV invites us to travel to a fantasy universe where all lands become innocent spinning tops, leaving light and hope in their wake. It’s also a nod to the 20th Anniversary of Junior Eurovisionthat runs and promotes European child talent year after year for 20 editions.


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