Snam and Baker Hughes Successfully Complete First Trial for the Use of Hydrogen as Fuel in a Gas Compression Station

Snam and Baker Hughes have successfully completed the first experiment to use hydrogen as fuel in a gas compression station.

In November, Snam successfully completed a series of tests aimed at experimenting with the use of hydrogen as a fuel to drive gas turbines, at one of its natural gas compression stations in Isterna, Italy.

The experiment, which was the first of its kind in the world and was carried out in collaboration with Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, demonstrated the compatibility of the various properties for the use of a mixture of hydrogen (at 10%) and natural gas.

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The Isterna plant is one of 13 compression stations along Italy’s gas transportation network, with the function of boosting gas to help it move through pipelines to the various consumption points across the country.

This is the first Italian compressor station to install a “hydrogen ready” turbine, the NovaLT12, designed and built by Baker Hughes in its Italian factories. The tests also included another Baker Hughes turbine that was already operating at the plant, the PGT25, designed to operate with natural gas, which was tested for the first time using a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen (at 10%).

Between boosting and storage stations, Snam has 39 PGT25 turbines installed, out of a total of 73 machines, which make up about 70% of its total capacity (1,325 MW).

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The introduction of hydrogen in increasing amounts in the current fleet (from the tested 10% mixture to volumes between 15% and 20%) will allow a greater reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the use of natural gas alone.

Based on operating data for 2021, consistent 10% hydrogen use across all Snam Group’s PGT25 turbines will prevent nearly 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year, further reducing the already limited impact of natural gas supplies.

Snam plans to continue its cooperation with turbine suppliers with the aim of extending hydrogen compatibility tests to its entire fleet of turbocompressors.

The ongoing investigations are aimed at verifying, “in the field”, both the reaction of the various components from a metallurgical point of view, and the required maintenance and efficiency of the turbines in the presence of hydrogen, as well as compliance with the requirements. with stringent safety and environmental impact requirements.

In the future, these tests may lead to the development of a consistent standard for the design of all future compression units used by Snam.

The tests were carried out by Snam together with Baker Hughes, the company’s partner both in the supply of the new NovaLT12 turbine and in the field test activity. The latter also included Seifam and Max Streicher, as technological partners, and Siad, which supplied the hydrogen.

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The purpose of the initiative is to continue to examine the existing gas infrastructure for compatibility with the use of hydrogen, and to prepare it to transport this molecule, which will play a key role in the energy transition process.

In 2019, Snam was the first in Europe to experiment with injecting hydrogen into part of its gas transportation network at high pressure, first at 5% and then at 10%. In 2020, the NovaLT12 turbine was tested with up to 10% hydrogen mixed with natural gas at the Baker Hughes plant in Florence, Italy.

It is Baker Hughes’ first family of high performance “hydrogen ready” turbines, capable of burning natural gas and hydrogen blends, from 5% to 100% hydrogen. Sanam is also conducting studies on the compatibility of its storage sites with hydrogen, with the aim of completing the assessment of its entire infrastructure.

About Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes (NASDAQ: BKR) is an energy technology company that provides solutions to energy and industrial customers worldwide. Our innovative technologies and services, based on a century of experience and doing business in over 120 countries, take energy forward – making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Visit us at

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Regarding Sanam

Snam is the leading operator in Europe in the transportation and storage of natural gas, with an infrastructure that enables the transition of energy. It is ranked among the top ten Italian companies in the stock market by market capitalization.

The group operates a pipeline network of approximately 41,000 km that extends from Italy, Austria, France, Greece and the United Kingdom and manages 3.5% of the world’s gas storage volume. It is also one of the main operators in LNG (liquefied natural gas).

With 80 years of experience in managing and developing networks and plants, Snam ensures security of supply and promotes the transition of energy across territories, through investments in green gases (bio-methane, hydrogen) and energy efficiency.

The group’s business model is based on sustainable growth, transparency, promotion of talent and diversity and social development of local areas also through Fondazione Snam initiatives.


  • The test, carried out in Isterna, Italy, confirmed the compatibility of the turbines used in the plant for a mixture of 10% hydrogen and natural gas.

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Sanam and Baker Hughes successfully completed the first experiment to use hydrogen as fuel at a gas compression station, Houston and London, December 6, 2022


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