Six New Rewilding Europe Trips Launch With Rewilding Europe Travel

In recent years, you may have noticed terms like “ecosystem restoration” and “rewilding” of camps or trips in the travel world. In an article I wrote for Hemispheres last year, I addressed the emergence of global community camps dedicated to restoring ecosystems and landscapes, whether damaged by fire or agriculture. In an article on sustainable wine travel, I included the work of Rewilding Europe, a conservation group that restores and protects natural processes and wilderness across the continent from Portugal, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Croatia, Romania to Bulgaria.

So I was pleased to hear about the recent announcement that renew Europe established a fully-fledged independent organization with the clear aim of developing, promoting and promoting nature-based landscapes as travel destinations and promoting nature-based travel in Europe. As consequence, Rewilding Europe Travel was established and equipped with a team of travel and conservation specialists to further this cause.

I reached out to Rewilding Europe Travel co-founders Duncan Grossart and Neil Rogers for comment.

“We are delighted that Rewilding Europe Travel is now the exclusive travel provider for Rewilding Europe. This presents exciting opportunities to create “positive impacts on nature” at scale by connecting people to a wilder Europe,” they wrote back in a joint statement. We want customers who travel with Rewilding Europe Travel to experience deeper and more meaningful connections to the wild world and the host communities they visit,” they wrote.

I asked what the term rewilding means to you as there are a variety of definitions within the community. For her, rewilding means “allowing nature to take care of itself, enabling natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems, restore degraded landscapes and create habitats with greater biodiversity. It also helps support vibrant communities through enhanced nature-based entrepreneurship.”

Travelers setting out with Rewilding Europe Travel will experience some of Europe’s most beautiful, often hidden, natural areas while learning about and contributing to the Rewilding effort. Local nature-based businesses benefit from income, job creation and development support from Rewilding Europe, creating holistic benefits for the affected regions.

Join the rewilding movement next year with these unique group experiences across six rewilding landscapes.

Hiking in the Coa and Upper Douro valleys

Spend seven days discovering several Portuguese landscapes, national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites. With the chance to spot vultures in a bird paradise, relax in stylish hotels and sip world-famous port and red wines from the Douro Valley.

Abruzzo Wild heart of Italy

8 days discovery of 3 national parks in Italy connected by natural corridors where wolves, Martian bears and Apennine chamois live. Hands-on experiences with the local team, wildlife viewing opportunities, and plenty of pasta and wine

Bison and wild animal tracking in the Southern Carpathians

Spend five nights tracking bison and learning about flagship Rewilding Europe and WWF’s bison reintroduction initiative. An adventure where nature and community come together in an incredibly successful project.

Aurora Borealis and wildlife in Swedish Lapland

A unique winter adventure that takes you through a wonderland of snow, wild nature and ancient culture over 7 exciting days. Be hosted by several local sustainable entrepreneurs, some of whom are members of Sami communities who will inspire travelers with their deep knowledge and respect for the land they live in.

Affric Highlands and the Wild West Coast

Investigate the rise of the rewilding movement in Scotland, visit pioneer sites and learn from the people making a difference. The beautiful walks and wildlife viewing opportunities are complemented by local whiskey tastings and Scottish hospitality in cozy hotels.

Wild Rhodopes

Our unique trip to the Rhodopes explores one of the emerging biodiversity hotspots in Europe. A bird watcher’s paradise where community-based tourism, rewilding and traditional food come together in an immersive experience.


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