Siladen Resort Partners with Coral Eye Resort on Bangka Island in North Sulawesi

What better way to dive the spectacular walls of Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi? Add of course the stunning coral gardens and exciting wildlife hunting at nearby Bangka Island! Combining these two great destinations just got a lot easier now that Siladen Resort in the heart of Bunaken is partnering with a unique boutique resort on Bangka Island called Coral Eye.

Coral Eye was launched in 2009 when four passionate marine biologists established a “marine outpost” in the heart of the Coral Triangle on Bangka Island – “where universities and students could exchange ideas and develop their projects on tropical marine environments”. After subsequently establishing a dive center, Coral Eye also began welcoming tourists, and now the operation offers visitors a unique opportunity to mingle with scientists and students conducting scientific research on the reef.

As partners, Siladen and Coral Eye have made it very easy to book a trip that combines diving and stays at both resorts – and you can even choose to switch between resorts by boat and continue diving along the way. For more information, including how to book a combo trip, see the press release below.

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Siladen Resort cooperates with Coral Eye, Bangka Island, North Sulawesi

Siladen Resort & Spa is pleased to introduce our preferred dive resort partner on Bangka Island, Coral Eye. Siladen Resort’s Ana Fonseca, Miguel Ribeiro and Daniele Marianelli have partnered with Marco Segre, CEO and Founder of Coral Eye to invest in this beautiful resort project.

Daniele met Marco when he came to Indonesia to work on his thesis in marine biology. He lived on the island of Siladen and as a fellow Italian he naturally became friends with Daniele. As Marco found over the years that he wanted to make his dream come true by building Coral Eye on Bangka, Daniele became a frequent guest of Marco’s. When the pandemic hit, they turned to each other for advice and support, which only strengthened their friendship.

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So it was only natural that they went one step further to become business partners as common shareholders of Coral Eye. With this partnership, they, along with Miguel and Ana, are committed to investing in improving Coral Eye’s facilities and guest services while preserving the resort’s unique identity.

For those looking to spend some time in Bangka and want to dive and snorkel the area’s beautiful soft coral slopes, we highly recommend Coral Eye.

Coral Eye is a unique dive resort on Bangka Island, North Sulawesi. The relaxed atmosphere and warm, friendly service make guests feel right at home in the comfortable, beautifully designed accommodations. Originally established as a marine study outpost, Coral Eye is a melting pot of passionate travellers, diving enthusiasts, underwater photographers and marine biologists.

Coral Eye reopened to international travelers in late July this year after various improvements were made throughout the resort. Further upgrades are planned for early 2023.

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With two distinct underwater worlds, Coral Eye and Siladen Resort & Spa can now easily be combined, offering visitors the very best of diving in North Sulawesi. Explore the beautiful soft coral slopes of Bangka and dive the world-famous walls of Bunaken Marine Park on the same scuba excursion. The best part? Transfers can be made by boat with scuba diving along the way, so you don’t waste diving days.

For bookings or inquiries please contact [email protected], [email protected] or your preferred travel agent. Either Coral Eye or Siladen Resort & Spa can provide rates and availability information for both resorts. Payment can be combined for both resorts and made at both resorts.

We look forward to welcoming you to North Sulawesi.

Siladen Resort & Spa Team