Seeing Prague Through The Eyes Of Actor Hina Khan

Actress Hina Khan has come a long way from cementing her position as the leading lady of choice on the small screen to bagging co-producer rights for Hindi films. Back from her trip to Prague, the brave star speaks up Travel + Leisure India & South Asia about the places in the European capital that left an indelible mark on her travel diaries. By Bayar Jain

Excerpts from the interview with actress Hina Khan

T+L India: How did your trip to Prague come about?

Hina Khan: My trip to Prague was planned after my appearance on the red carpet in Cannes. Prague has always been on my bucket list and this time I was sure I had to visit the place. My stay in Prague was very unforgettable! It’s a beautiful place with such amazing cultural elements preserved so well. Every street, town, nook and corner of Prague has a story to tell. I enjoyed exploring the place to the fullest!

T+L India: Tell us more about your itinerary in Prague and what you did there.


Hina Khan: I was in Prague for about three nights. When you are there, the Charles Bridge is a must! The view of Prague from Charles Bridge is breathtaking. I even rented electric scooters for the day to cruise around the city and visit prominent places. Prague Castle was beautiful. It was lovely sitting in the Old Town Square! The place has it’s own vibe with so many different restaurants and bars and music on the streets. You can even look at the astronomical clock. I even experienced a beautiful five course medieval meal that was absolutely divine!

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T+L India: What was the highlight of your trip to Prague?

Hina Khan: The Charles Bridge was my most beautiful highlight of the trip. It gave me the most amazing view of Prague. Just standing there was so beautiful and peaceful! I was lucky enough to experience a rainy day on the bridge as well.

T+L India: What were your favorite places in Prague?


Hina Khan: Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Prague Castle.

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T+L India: What dishes have you tried in Prague?

Hina Khan: There were a few local dishes I tried, but my favorite remains this cronut-style dessert with hazelnut cream. I had picked it up at one of the local food stalls; it was absolutely divine!

T+L India: A must/visit/experience in Prague?

Hina Khan: The medieval five course meal was a great experience. The food was delicious and the people were so welcoming. It’s a must for anyone visiting Prague! The Old Town is also a must-see for its vibrant and vibrant culture.

T+L India: What kind of traveler are you?

Hina Khan: i am an explorer I love to fully explore the places I visit. My goal is to learn about the culture, history and people of this place and enjoy local food while traveling.

T+L India: What are your essential travel essentials?

Hina Khan

Hina Khan: Sunscreen, currency card (saves a lot of conversion fees!) and a very comfortable pair of shoes.

T+L India: Your best holiday and why?

Hina Khan: I can’t name just one; All my vacations so far have been unforgettable – be it in New York, in Switzerland, in Prague or in Budapest. Even my trips to Dubai and Maldives have created great memories!

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T+L India: How does traveling influence your work?

Hina Khan: Traveling always gives me new perspectives on life. When I visit new places, talk to people from other cultures and understand their way of life, [it gives me] a new perspective, a new thought process. That always broadens my perspective and helps me see my work through different eyes.

T+L India: Your bucket list goals?

Hina Khan

Hina Khan: There are many destinations on my bucket list! I would like to visit Turkey. Even Norway to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

T+L India: Where are you going next?

Hina Khan: I haven’t decided on my next vacation yet, but when I do, you’ll definitely know!

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