Ride The Waves And Explore The UK With These 4 Water-Based Journeys

When it comes to British holidays, some locals prefer domestic travel to international travel. In addition, UK holiday travel is mainly focused on coastal short breaks. Demand for coastal vacation travel usually focuses on nostalgia for childhood trips to the beach.

Whilst Britain’s beach tourism is often centered on key destinations such as Southend Pier in Essex or Bournemouth Beach in the south, Britain’s other overlooked beaches have plenty of other unforgettable destinations to offer. When planning your next holiday trip, here are some other places to visit in the UK:

Embark on an extensive sea voyage through Great Britain

First on this list is a more luxurious way to see all the sights the UK has to offer at once. Explora Cruises recommends an extended ocean voyage as the best way to travel the UK in style. You can hop on a ship from Southampton to Edinburgh while experiencing some of Britain’s busiest seaside towns, exploring historic sites and visiting fascinating places like the Isle of Lewis. As you embark on your voyage to these destinations, the luxury of sea voyage even offers tourists well-crafted spirits and luxurious dining options – all of which can be enjoyed on board as you make your way to your next coastal stopover.

Walk the Great Glen Trail

Located in the Scottish Highlands, the Great Glen Trail is the perfect destination if you are looking for an exciting and adventurous boating holiday. Your paddling journey starts in Fort William, continues through the Caledonian Canal and the Great Glen and ends in the historic city of Inverness. While the journey sounds hectic, the route itself is scenic and full of scenic backdrops. For those who have never paddled in open water, there are also guided tours to give you the best possible experience.

Tour York on the River

One way to explore York is to take a riverboat ride along the River Ouse. It gives you a unique perspective of the city as you view it from the river rather than the famous cobblestone streets. The guides will even guide you through the city’s history as you sail past historic cultural landmarks. On some riverboats, you can even enjoy an intimate three-course meal while cruising past majestic structures like York’s Bishopthorpe Palace.

Surf at Sennen Cove

If your idea of ​​a holiday is braving the waves on your surfboard, then consider a trip to one of Cornwall’s best surf spots. Sennen Cove offers huge waves that accommodate all types of surfing and levels. There are also wonderful solarium cottages available to rent for long weekends. After an energetic day of surfing, head to the Old Success Inn for an amazing meal with panoramic views of the entire village.

The UK is full of exciting destinations for your next water adventures. You just have to get out there and be brave enough to experience new things.

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