Responsible travellers head for Japan

BANGKOK, September 22, 2022: The latest YouGov study reveals that Thai travelers who rate a destination on its responsible tourism credentials see Japan as their top choice.

When determining which destinations to chart, there is significant variation across the 18 markets surveyed.

Thai travelers led with Japan, followed by South Korea (second), Switzerland (third), Singapore (fourth) and the United States in fifth place.

Sharing the same perception, Singaporeans voted Japan to the top of the responsible tourism list, but New Zealand came second, Australia third, Switzerland fourth and Malaysia fifth.

The YouGov study, released Tuesday, provides brands and destinations with a benchmark to assess their position in the context of sustainable travel and their performance in engaging with responsible travelers.

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Responsible travelers in Thailand are defined as those who are well-being focused, culturally interested and concerned about the impact on the environment. According to YouGov’s latest travel and tourism industry report, most want to travel to Japan.

YouGov Travel Rankings 2022: Travel brands through the eyes of Responsible Travelers aims to understand how travel brands differ in the eyes of responsible travelers and which brands and destinations perform better in this demographic in terms of consideration. YouGov DestinationIndex measures public perception of travel destinations on a daily basis through a series of measures.

Covering 18 international markets, the brands and destinations included in this year’s report have been ranked based on a 12-month viewing score from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

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YouGov data shows that almost half of all consumers in 43 countries (46%) like it when brands engage in social issues.

In contrast, more than two in five consumers worldwide (44%) say they try to shop only from socially and environmentally responsible companies.

“The sustainability trend will continue to accelerate, and the winners will be those who have been the first to put their organizations, people, investments, innovations and customers on the path to becoming more environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious,” says the preamble to the study.

Japan, which had a 40.8% consideration score among responsible travelers, was followed by South Korea (22.6). Switzerland, the top-rated European destination, took third place (21.4). Closely followed by Singapore (18.0).

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The US rounded out the top five with a Consideration Score of 15.8. Next were China (15.2), France (15.1) and Australia (13.0), followed by Asian destinations Hong Kong (12.8) and Laos (12.6) completing the ranking.

See the leading brands and destinations from a sustainable traveler perspective in the full report here


YouGov publishes brand rankings annually based on data from our always-on brand tracker YouGov BrandIndex and destination tracker YouGov DestinationIndex. Both travel brands and destinations are tracked worldwide on a daily basis, allowing us to consistently and accurately measure consumer attitudes towards these brands (travel industry organizations and countries covered in a dedicated YouGov BrandIndex sector survey).

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