PNG PM Marape meets King Charles III in London, United Kingdom

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea James Marape had an audience with His Majesty King Charles III today (180922) at which the Prime Minister expressed the condolences of the people of Papua New Guinea on the death of the Queen and various common issues with the new monarch discussed related to the country.

PNG PM Marape meets King Charles III. in London, United Kingdom

Presenting condolences to PNG, Prime Minister Marape said the late Queen Elizabeth II had been a key figure in holding the Commonwealth and its empires together and that her life of service, dignity, tolerance and kindness was a model to be remembered many years will remember Come.

The Prime Minister and his wife, Mrs Rachael Marape, were received at Buckingham Palace at 2pm today, where King Charles used the time to give an account of his month-long stay as a schoolboy in Papua New Guinea in 1966 before doing other things , including global affairs, discussed climate protection as well as environment and nature conservation.

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Prime Minister Marape said after the meeting that he was very pleased with the opportunity given to the King and the monarch’s acknowledgment of the plight of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands against global warming and rising sea levels.

The Prime Minister said that as the conversation focused on the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, King Charles agreed with his own long-held view that PNG must be rewarded for preserving its trees from industrialized, large-carbon-emitting countries to mitigate the climate crisis strategy .

“His conversation with me today was entirely consistent with my own government policy. Forest protection must not come at the expense of the development efforts of our population,” said PM Marape.

“To PNG, not only are we a climate-affected nation, we have this important global asset of rainforests that must be preserved, but at a cost – and the king agreed with me. Global CO2 emitters need to put their money into forest conservation efforts.”

Prime Minister Marape said King Charles went further and said he was ready to mobilize his global network of environmentalists, climate activists and green-conscious global companies to help PNG in this area of ​​forest conservation.

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“I’m excited to travel halfway across the world to meet our country’s leader and it’s fulfilling that he thinks consistently with the way I think about aspects of forest conservation benefits. We are a forest nation and if preserving the future of planet earth is an option then it must be of paramount importance to our people.

“I asked him to be the global voice for PNG and the small island nations and communities, including our Pacific, on the environment, forest conservation and climate change. I said I would be speaking shortly at the United Nations General Assembly on these issues and he gave me his blessing.”

PM Marape said today’s conversation with the monarch was “warm and friendly”.

“I found him warm and kind. He welcomed me into his presence with warmth, laughter and friendship and I could feel his personal connection to Papua New Guinea. He spoke about the month he spent in the countryside as a schoolboy, as well as his three other visits to PNG.

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“I verbally invited him again to be our guest of honor at the country’s 50th anniversary of independence and he accepted. We will follow up with a written invitation.”

Prime Minister Marape said the King has long been “a recognized global voice” on environmental and climate governance issues and it is an asset for us to have him as our Head of State and that of the Commonwealth of Nations.

“There may be dissenting opinions about this being an imperialist practice, but I’m here as its prime minister, and being part of a family of nations in today’s world has advantages.

“It is good for our country in our efforts to find trade markets, build our economy, and exchange ideas and expertise as we help each other grow as modern-day societies and countries,” PM Marape said.

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