Plan Now & See The Coronation Of King Charles III

With the passing of the beloved and respected Queen Elizabeth II – the longest reigning British monarch in history – her son ascended as King Charles III. the throne. While he is now king, the formal coronation has yet to take place. The date and location of the coronation have been set for Saturday 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London.

Charles III is not only the King of the United Kingdom – he is also King of 14 other Commonwealth kingdoms (including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica and other small island states). People will flock to London and line the streets to catch a glimpse of Britain’s new king.


A traditional crowning glory for a modern age

At the coronation, Charles is officially crowned King Charles III, as is his wife Camilla, who is crowned Queen Escort. The coronation is the symbolic culmination of his accession to the throne (since he is already king and ascended the throne on September 8, 2022).

  • ascended the throne: September 8, 2022
  • Coronation: May 6, 2023
  • Location: Westminster Abbey

Although expected to be less expensive than previous coronations, visitors can see British pomp and circumstance in all their glory.

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Queen Elizabeth II reigned for an impressive 70 years from 1952 to 2022 – and was the only British monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee.

The ceremony will be a combination of ancient and modern. It will be “rooted in longstanding traditions” while “reflecting the role of the monarch today and looking to the future”. The last coronation ceremony lasted almost 3 hours, but it is believed that this one will be shorter, more varied and with a much smaller number of guests.

As is tradition, Charles is crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury. At his coronation, King Charles will be 74 years old – making him the oldest British monarch ever crowned.

No wonder the coronation will take place in London’s Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey has been a tradition for British (and English) monarchs to be crowned there for over 900 years.

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Is it possible to see the coronation of King Charles III. to see?

Unfortunately, ordinary people cannot attend the coronation of King Charles III. attend at Westminster Abbey. The participants will be a very select group of invitees. While 8,000 people attended Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, it is expected that this time it will be limited to just 2,000. Commonwealth of Nations leaders and religious diversity are expected to be given priority.

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The event will certainly be streamed live anywhere in the world.

There will be a procession through London to mark the occasion – the full details of the coronation of King Charles III. have yet to be planned and published. As an indication of what to expect with the procession, Queen Elizabeth II’s procession passed in front of around 3 million spectators on the streets of London.

Some of these spectators had camped in their pitch overnight to get a glimpse of the new monarch.

Once the route of the procession of King Charles III. Knowing this, you can expect the prices of hotels and apartments along the route to skyrocket and sell out (perhaps immediately). So if you want to see the procession, you need to plan ahead or be prepared to camp on the road for the night before.

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Celebrations for the coronation of King Charles III will be held around the world

To the coronation of King Charles III. You don’t have to visit England (or at least London) to celebrate. Expect local celebrations to be held throughout the many realms over which Charles is king.

Ceremonies are sure to take place in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and across the UK. London will be at the heart of the action, but it won’t be the only event. Those planning to attend the celebrations should learn the royal anthem.

God save the king!

send him victorious,

happy and glorious,

Rule over us long:

God save the king!”

The date for the coronation of King Charles III. has only just been announced and planning around the Commonwealth is moving ahead apace. Stay tuned to see what the plans are in Canada and other places. As an indication of how far the planning is in the works, it is not known at the time of writing (15th October) whether or not a special public/bank holiday will be granted in the UK.


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