PinHub: “Explosive” Innovation for the future of the Crypto market.

PinHub announced the launch of blockchain ecosystem platforms in December 2022 to provide people and businesses with great financial opportunities and community values.

Recently, many projects and investors have encountered serious struggles during this sharp downward trend. Besides the lack of creativity in the gameplay of many projects, the lack of a long-term vision for sustainable development is also an important factor that negatively affects the “health” of the project and the community.
The urgent question is: Is there a project that is both groundbreaking and has a long-term development plan? PinHub It is the pioneer of unprecedented trends and carefully prepares for sustainable development.

Me – What is PINHUB?

PinHub is a project developed on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain system, which provides users with attractive opportunities to increase income in many forms, from fitness training and profit sharing to the new “Pin Battle” mode. In doing so, the project directs users to NFT applications in the areas of business service and online payment.

PinHub’s protocol is controlled and secure. The protocol is completely open source, allowing all users to interact with the application through the user interface, the API or directly with smart contracts in the BSC network. PinHub allows any model to interact with the project, opening up great financial opportunities in decentralized payment and promotion methods.

II – Unique selling points

PinHub has two of the most prominent platforms in the ecosystem, which are also the “breakthroughs” for the project and the crypto community. One of them is the Free to join mechanism, where players get NFT sneakers from referral codes, run and get free tokens, thereby owning many valuable NFTs and investing in many other platforms. Furthermore, PinHub also developed the Locatable Fund from LOCA, the free-born token, and created a sustainable base value based on the revenue split and the creation of the Locatable Development Fund (PUSD). Some other highlights are clearly shown in the project Documentation.

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III – mission and vision

Pinhub Motivating and warming The market is in the downtrend period. To increase community value and leverage to generate cash flow, we aim to be the most exciting and fun DeFi destination built on the chain. On top of that, we are developing a new and never-before-seen network map platform where every user can enjoy high productivity and fun games to create a community with a habit of longing to own more and more NFTs.

PinHub’s goal is to become an optimal technology platform to create a bridge between businesses and users, to be used to promote tourism and commerce industries, and at the same time to develop business brands for the orientation of Google Merchant Center.

IV – A symbolic overview

PinHub issues two types of tokens: PUB (Project Governance Token) and LOCA (In-App Token). Both are of particular importance to the project, thanks to the long-term development plan and the benefits of the users.

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Total supply: 1,000,000,000 PUB

Blockchain: BSC

Token Allocation:

  • strategic sale 7%
  • Liquidity 12%
  • staff 12%
  • reward 36%
  • 15% investment
  • marketing 15%
  • consultant 3%

Token Utilities


  • NFT sneaker repair
  • trade in the market
  • Pin event rewards
  • Commissions and rewards from Fortune Pot
  • Gambling rewards
  • Referral rewards
  • transaction fee
  • Buy Unpin


  • NFT sneaker upgrade
  • Running rewards
  • Open the culture box
  • Buy Protect Pin
  • Buy gifts live
  • Stablecoins – PUSD
  • Referral rewards

Funding can be located (PUSD)

LOCA was born completely free. However, the interaction and heat response based on the smart applications on the PinHub platform will be a sustainable basic value based on the revenue split and the creation of the Locastable Development Fund (PUSD). PUSD is not aimed at the value of the stable cryptocurrency protocol; It was created to avoid risk factors to PinHub’s business plan.

V – the PINHUB ecosystem

free earn – Players can join the project without any initial fee in the form of owning free NFT sneakers and running to generate LOCA tokens.

pin fight – Where players engage in an attractive and exciting battle using NFT Pin and other supporting items to gain valuable rewards on the app’s location map.

NFT – PinHub released 4 types of NFTs: NFT Sneaker (used in running/free to earn) with 3 types, NFT Pin (used in Pin Battle), NFT Culture Card (obtained by opening Mystery Box after each Pin event), and NFT Membership (allowing users to become long-term members of businesses connected to the project).

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NFT Auction – Where users can participate in the auction to own the desired culture cards to complete the entire collection and achieve the maximum value of the Culture NFT collection.

lucky pot – Predictive feature prediction game based on BSC smart contract.

The Hub Check-in App – Where users can share theirs Travel locations and experiences in objectives, through which they can receive corresponding rewards.

Live broadcast feature – The platform connects KOLs to the user community.

proof of stake – Users can increase the number of PUB tokens with big profits when they invest in betting blocks.

VI – road map


  • whole idea
  • market research


  • Mockup design
  • White Paper Ver1
  • Community structure


  • Fundraising
  • Community structure
  • Registration
  • NFT sale
  • a bet
  • Beta app launch:
  • Play for free and match battle features


  • NFT feature of culture
  • Lucky feature
  • NFT sale
  • NFT Marketplace



  • Check-in hub mainnet
  • Stablecoin Fund Research


  • Live testnet feature
  • Fundraising for the Stablecoin Fund


  • Release of Stablecoin (PUSD).

PINHUB – Your Prosperity Map

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Organization: PIN HUB

Release ID: 89085483

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