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In a lighter mood with lawyer and philanthropist, Prince Ned Nwoko, at his Idumuje-Ugboko country home in Delta State last weekend, the politician, who is contesting the Delta North senatorial election, spoke on several issues families, especially about southern men. a part of the country that does not marry more than one woman, which pushed some women into prostitution, among others.

Speaking about himself and Ooni Ife having many wives, Nwoko said: “I will tell you the similarity between me and Ooni Ife, if we both have more than one wife, my grandfather and his grandfather both in the city. The Taoiseach’s House in the Old Western Region in the 1950s. They were part of the select few who went to London for the constitutional conferences.

“My grandfather and grandfather Ooni and Olowo Owo as at the time took many photographs together. So, the Ooni and I have that kind of common background, because our forefathers were kings and served Nigeria in that capacity. And we are also serving Nigeria now by having many wives (laughter).

When asked if he lives with all his wives or if they live in different separate places, Nwoko replied: “No, no! That’s why, when I was showing you around the palace, I said that if it was in those days, I would show you some rooms where my wives lived. But my wives are great women too, in their own rights.

“So they have their different houses. There are two in New York, in the United States (USA), there are two here in Nigeria and two in Dubai. But sometimes, they hit here; this is the meeting point,” he said.

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How then does he connect with his children who live in different places and also with the children among themselves? Nwoko explained: “Apart from all of us meeting here sometimes, I do not travel with my wives together; I travel with one woman at a time. It just so happened that I traveled with Regina and Laila. But usually, I travel with the kids, the younger kids.

“I have 19 children now. My first child is 30 years old. Those with my first wife are now graduates. In fact, my last child with her did First Class last year in England. Therefore, they are alone; they are independent and go on holiday with their friends, not even with me or their mother who is a lawyer.
“My second wife is in business.”

When asked if all his wives are still with him, he said, “Of course, yes. The only one I had problems with was Laila when she went on holiday in London, but we are back together again; we’re all right now.”
On his favorite wife, Nwoko explained, “Of course, your favorite wife is always the last wife or the latest wife (that is Regina). That’s a natural thing. You know it’s like having a new shirt, it’s your favorite.”

Meanwhile, Nwoko seems to like them fairly, but not really, as he explained that his first wife is the same color as him.

Although Nkoko’s first and second wives, and even his children, do not like social media, it was Regina who introduced him to social media, “I’m just tagging,” he said, adding, “Instagram is only I use, she opened for me, and of course, I am always known Whatsapp. I rarely post things on Instagram, but I have about 530 followers. I don’t do Facebook and it was only last week that I started thinking about doing Twitter.”

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On how he deals with trolling on social media, he recalled: “Sometimes, people say I’m marrying this girl or that girl, even when I don’t even know what they’re talking about talking.”
Nwoko strongly believes that men who refuse to marry more than one woman contribute to immorality in society, especially in the south, saying: “There are many women out there without husbands, especially in the south of the country, and there is a level high prostitution. What some of our girls do to make ends meet is regrettable and if our men imitate their northern counterparts by having more than one wife, that would probably change the situation.

“The typical southerner may have only one wife, but many girls too, and he’s spending his money on the girls; sometimes even more than his wife. The man who has three wives, for example, focuses on them and his children; All the money he makes is spent on the family and he is more likely than not to have a girlfriend. The money spent by those who have different girlfriends is a gift, not an investment in the family.”

He continued: “Besides, I hear southerners complaining, saying how the north, which is semi-desert and grassland, could be more populated than the south as rain forest, with oceans, etc . But the answer is simply that the southerners marry one woman and give birth to four children on average, while the northerner on average marries four wives and has up to 20 children.

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“Therefore, the south may never catch up with the north, in terms of population. We deceive ourselves by saying that they are counting cows and cattle, which is not true, because they are really counting people, their children from their wives.

“The only thing you can do now is, if there is any law that prevents you from marrying wives, it should be relaxed so that you can behave like your great grandfather and there were very strong old men before the coming of the whites, who came. and he told you it would be one man, one woman.”
Regarding single parenthood, which is now becoming common among women, he said, “it’s because of men who leave them and don’t take care of them. If most of us in the south marry four wives, there will be almost no prostitution business anymore, because they will be at home as wives.”
When asked what would happen if the man is unable to attend to them, he explained, “Look, I have drivers up north who have wives. Are they, for example, earning more than you? Here in the south, some men have money to take girls out and serve them, but they don’t want to marry them as wives.”

On Regina’s contribution to her campaign, he said: “I really don’t know, but we are the son and daughter of Anioma seeking votes from the people of Anioma. So, it makes sense to go around together asking our people to give us their support. That’s probably the difference between her and my other wives, especially as far as campaigning for political office is concerned.”


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