One Of The World’s Largest Hot Air Balloon Festivals Kicks Off This Fall In Mexico — How To Visit 

What could be more relaxing than watching colorful balloons float across a blue sky with powder puff clouds? It’s certainly hard to beat! You can enjoy this experience during the four-day Leon International Balloon Festival in Leon, Mexico. The festival, one of the top three balloon rides in the world, will take place from November 18th to 21st in Leon’s Metropolitan Park.

The Metropolitan Park is a nature reserve with 362 hectares of green space. It is often visited by city dwellers for kayaking and biking. There are also areas with games for children, a small train to visit the site and several dining areas.

More than 500,000 visitors from Germany and abroad are expected to attend the balloon festival. Every day visitors can enjoy the early morning ascent of 200 giant airships creating a cosmic color show. Balloon pilots come from 20 different countries including France, Chile, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg and Russia.

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What else can I do at the festival?

The festival isn’t just a hot air balloon event, it’s also an opportunity to spend an incredible day outdoors and having fun with activities for the whole family. There is a cultural exhibition, shopping for nice souvenirs and places to eat delicious snacks.

In the park you can enjoy a wide range of delicious food at one of the 40 stalls. Food trucks offer typical regional dishes as well as hamburgers, sushi, cocktails and other drinks.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings enjoy music concerts and light and music shows at the airfield. Ten giant balloons remain anchored 50 feet above the stage for visitors to admire. Here is the current schedule. There will be updates in the next few days!

Don’t want to wait for appointment updates? Check out the festival’s Facebook page for artist updates.

How do I buy tickets and what do they include?

For CitiBanamex cardholders there is an exclusive presale (three, six and nine months without interest) from September 19th to 23rd. After the pre-sale from September 24th, you can buy tickets on the e-ticket platform and on the website. In the next few days, the complete program will be officially presented on the event’s social networks. Ticket prices have not yet been released, but we can use 2021 prices as a reference. A ticket for 2021 costs 253 pesos ($12.67).

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With your admission ticket you can enjoy the excitement of 200 balloons taking off, magical nights lit up and outstanding concerts. The festival will confirm artists for these events sometime in September.

Your ticket comes with some restrictions. It is valid for one-time access; If you wish to exit and re-enter the venue, you will need to purchase a new ticket.

How can I participate in the balloon festival?

Visitors can register as crew members (register here) to experience the incredible joy of balloon flight. Crew members work alongside experienced pilots from around the world. Each balloon has a team that supports the pilot throughout the four days of the event. Crew members are responsible for transporting, inflating, launching and rescuing the aircraft.

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How do I get there?

Don’t know how to get there? Here is a map with access information to the festival. It shows venues and contains three links to navigate to the festival from there. If you’re coming from Mexico City, you’re four hours from Leon. You can get to Leon via Boulevard Aeropuerto. Before the Jean-Paul II junction, continue in the right lane until you reach the ring road (also known as Boulevard Morelos). Take this route to Metropolitan Park, the festival site.

Do you have anymore questions?

Visit here for event details and here for contact information.

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