One Of The 6 Best Museums In Europe Is In Samsun »

One of the 6 best museums in Europe is located in Samson

Commissioned by the Samson Metropolitan Municipality and organized by the European Academy of Museums (EMA), ‘XX. In 2022, 32 thousand people visited the City Museum, which was selected as one of the 6 best museums in Europe in the Luigi Micheletti Award-winning museum competition.

Established by the Samson Metropolitan Municipality in 2013, the artifacts displayed at the Samson City Museum provide information about the city’s history, geography, culture, social life, economy, tourism, art history, architecture and food culture. The museum, which has a chronological history of the city, also recounts the period of national struggle that began with the arrival of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on May 19, 1919. The two-part museum is one of the first places visitors to the city visit. The number of visitors is increasing every year, Samson City Museum will host about 32 thousand people in 2022.

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“All work is done by donation”

Giving information about the museum, Samson City Museum Unit Supervisor Art Historian Neelgun Sarikoban said, “The city museum has been created after many years of hard work. Not only in field research, but also as a result of symposiums and meetings with scientists, there is great effort. The City Museum is very important to our city. After taking over two buildings belonging to the State Railways, it was converted into a museum. No works are purchased by purchase. All works are done by donation. This work is the result of the efforts of our citizens who have given their hearts to Samsun. The two buildings are connected by a glass tunnel. While the first building usually describes the historical process, the second building mostly contains sections that describe our traditions and customs, our culinary culture, our educational history and our neighborhoods.

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“First place to visit”

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Noting that tourists unfamiliar with Samson should visit the City Museum first, Sarcoban said, “The City Museum is a guide to our city. Our experts provide information on where and what to do. However, this year, our number of visitors increased after the pandemic. About 32 thousand people visited our museum in 2022. In addition, we hosted thousands of students during the academic year 2021-2022 as part of the ‘One Day at the Museum’ project undertaken in collaboration with the Directorate of National Education. Our teachers love our museum as an educational space.

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An award-winning museum

Samson City Museum ‘XX. It was selected as one of the 6 most prestigious museums in Europe in the Luigi Micheletti Award-winning museum competition. The museum received the “Project Special Award” in 2013 and the “Museum Incentive Award” in 2015 by the Historical Cities Association. More than a thousand works are displayed in the museum and about 100 of them are registered in the inventory.

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There are 2,000 books

In addition, in the “City Memory” section of the museum, there are books in memory of the city. The section, which has about 2,000 books, also includes works in various languages, such as Ottoman Turkish and French, dating from 100-125 years. It can also be visited online. You can visit the Samson City Museum website for 360-degree panoramic views.


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