“My skill is a gift”: Unbelievable eyeball pop world record

Sidney de Carvalho Mesquita (Brazil), aka Tio Chico, has set the world record for the title the farthest eyeball pop (male).

Sidney’s eyes found their way inside Guinness World Records 2023 by leaping to a protrusion of 18.2 mm (0.71 in) beyond his eye sockets. The record was verified on January 10, 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Tio Chico discovered his talent at the age of nine. He enjoyed making faces in front of the mirror, and in doing so he realized that his eyes could pop out much further than his peers. He showed it to his family and friends and they were very impressed with his talent.

At first his parents were concerned it might be a symptom of an illness, but luckily it wasn’t. In fact, it was just an extraordinary ability!


Sidney Mesquita pops his eyes in front of a mirror

Eye luxation is the medical term for when an eyeball protrudes or “pops” out of the eye socket.

Measuring the “pop” is an exact science that must be performed by an optometrist using a device known as a proptometer. an average of three measurements gives the final stunning result.

Fortunately, his condition does not affect his well-being and health. In fact, his optometrist has said it’s a rare gift that Sidney possesses.

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“My ability is definitely a gift. It also came from my father, my mother and the Creator,” says Sidney.


Sidney doesn’t necessarily have to train for that. He was born with it and has since perfected this ability. He wants to capitalize on it and show the world his unique talent.


He is very grateful as this gift has changed his life both personally and professionally. Now he is known not only in Brazil, but all over the world.

Sidney Mesquita Carvalho popped his eyes in front of a mirror orange t-shirt

He describes the feeling of bursting his eyeballs as “letting go of part of my body.”


He loses his ability to see for a few seconds before his eyes can focus again. He can poke his eyeballs out for 20 to 30 seconds. Sidney has never met anyone who can pull off this trick!

He cares for his eyes by moistening them with eye drops, especially when he goes to events. It doesn’t hurt when he does the tricks, but he does feel some burning when the oxygen starts to dry out of his eyes. Therefore, he cannot keep his eyes free for too long.

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Sidney prides himself on his ability to adapt to different environments. He describes himself as a chameleon. He has a very busy life working full time in sales for the electronics industry.

He loves attending live events and demonstrating his unique ability to entertain people. He’s also a drummer and DJ, sometimes performs as the Addams Family’s Uncle Fester, and owns a small hamburger delivery company, Tio Chico’s Burger.

Faceshot of Sydney opening his eyes

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Egly, travelling, watching movies or just doing simple things together. She’s his biggest fan.

At first she didn’t know about his abilities. She found out about it after they got engaged when one of Sidney’s friends asked him to open his eyes – Egly was very surprised!

“He’s adorable, kind, and has a good heart,” Egly said of her husband.

Sidney said it was a feeling of “sheer excitement mixed with exhilaration and ecstasy” to find out his eyeball place was confirmed by Guinness World Records.

“Being the record holder is an amazing experience – out of this world – that now I really know what I’m capable of!”

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Sidney shares that children and young adults are impressed with the trick; They love it! However, older people are more afraid when he performs it. His friends and family think his eyes are amazing and they are his biggest supporters.

On achieving a Guinness World Records title, he commented, “I have no words to describe such happiness.”

Sidney Mesquita with the GWR book

“A dream come true means opening doors for my work to be even more recognized and I hope to make the most of this great opportunity as part of the Guinness World Records family.”

Kim Goodman (USA) holds the record title of furthest eyeball pop (female). She can protrude her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm (0.47 in) beyond her eye sockets. Her eyes were measured on November 2, 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Sidney has also earned a place in the new Guinness World Records 2023 edition, available now! Find out where to purchase your copy.


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