Most popular global and domestic flight destinations in US

What destinations are overseas travelers from the United States looking to experience a different culture?

Traveling is on many people’s bucket lists around the world. It’s not only relaxing, but it’s an opportunity to see the world differently and learn about new cultures. But what are the national and international desired travel destinations?

The United States is one of the five largest countries in the world, and there are many amazing places to see. From the snowy peaks, vast deserts, tropical beaches and bustling cities, there is an array of different landscapes and cultural areas to explore. But what destinations abroad are Americans looking to experience a different culture?

With nearly 12 million passports issued in the US alone in 2022, travel industry experts analyzed flight search data to uncover the most popular international and domestic travel destinations that Americans are choosing to to travel

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2022 the most popular international flight searches in the USA

  1. Japan
  2. Mexico
  3. Italy
  4. Greece
  5. India

One of the oldest civilizations, Japan has an impressive and varied past and is ranked number one in the United States. The beautiful, diverse landscape, which the Japanese love for its mountains and breathtaking views, offers so many different experiences that attract travelers from all over the world, including Americans.

Ranked joint first, Mexico is truly a tropical treasure bay, with its stunning beaches and cities bursting with ancient architecture. Italy (3approx) is known for its fascinating culture, picturesque views, and renowned cuisine. Finally, Greece (4th) is full of rich ancient history and incredible island landscapes.

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But which countries are number 1 in each state?

  1. Japan ranked number 1 in 18 US states
  2. Italy is ranked 1st in 18 US states
  3. Greece is ranked 1st in 8 US states
  4. Ireland ranked number 1 in 4 US states
  5. India ranked number 1 and 1 US state
  6. Australia ranked number 1 and 1 US state

Both Japan and Italy ranked number one in 18 states across the country, followed by Greece the most popular in eight states, and Ireland in four states. India is the most common destination in a country, like Australia.

The most popular domestic flight search across the United States

  1. Michigan
  2. Hawaii
  3. new york
  4. Florida
  5. Pennsylvania

Analysts also examined the most popular domestic flight searches across the United States to reveal the top five states where Americans want to travel.

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Michigan ranks joint 1stSt, known for incredible hiking, fishing and water activities; next to Hawaii, with its world-class beaches, burning volcanoes, and pristine rainforests.

New York (3approx) is a state that cares for the interests of many. It is a dynamic city with some of the greatest food in the world, amazing shopping districts, and countless entertainment.

Florida ranked 4ththe with millions of travelers every year visiting some of the most famous attractions in the world to experience. There are many beautiful national parks and beaches to see.

Museums and important historical sites represent Pennsylvania (5thth) great attractions, but it also offers beautiful landscapes and mountain ranges.


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