Ministry continues evaluation of tourism vehicles in Indonesia

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Department of Transportation continues to review and deny vehicle permits from tourism transportation operators who do not comply with applicable regulations.

The measure was taken because during the COVID-19 pandemic, modes of transportation, including tourism transportation, were impacted and there were periods when the fleets were not operating. When normality gradually returned, some operators forgot to pay attention to the condition of the vehicles.

“During the pandemic in the past, several existing fleets were not operated. As some normalcy was restored in some aspects, several operators forgot to pay attention to the condition of their vehicles,” Suharto, director of road transport at the Department of Transport, noted in a statement here Monday.

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Suharto noted that this then created problems as there were accidents with fatalities.

Very keen to deal with this situation immediately, the Ministry took control measures by assessing the operators through its Road Transport Directorate. The company’s own permits and the condition of the fleet to be operated were evaluated.

“The results of the assessment show that 854 tourist transport companies have 13,659 vehicles. Of that number, 7,802 vehicles have permits and other equipment, while up to 5,857 vehicles, or 47 percent of total tourist carriage, are undisciplined in permit management,” he explained.

Suharto also stressed that operators’ permits would be withheld until they had met the requirements that would need to be met, including addressing the condition of fleets suitable for on-road use, such as through testing.

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To ensure safe and convenient transportation, the government also expects input and information from the public through the application Spionam (Multimode Transport Online Licensing System). Through this application, people can check the registration status of public transport vehicles simply by entering vehicle license plate information and the application will show complete vehicle data including age, frame number, KIR test status and others.

“Through this spy application, the public can check the roadworthiness of the tourist bus fleet to be operated. If the vehicle data turns out to be inappropriate and the approval is incomplete, the public should not select the vehicle and cannot report it,” he noted.

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Suharto also said his government, as the regulator, reminded people to choose licensed transport vehicles for tourism, which are primarily a guarantee of everything for the passengers, including the driver’s condition, status, and identity and skills. Most importantly, the passenger has insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

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