Meet the first champagne bottle designed for space travel

Based in Reims, France, the company has decided to send its famous bubbles, symbolizing partying and the art of living, into space.

1. Guts Cordon Rouge Stellar

Maison Mumm Champagne has worked with space design agency Spade to create a champagne that can be enjoyed in zero gravity conditions, and the first bottle is ready to go into space on the next Axiom mission in 2023. After years of manufacture, Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar now fully complies with space requirements certified by the French space agency CNES (Centre National d’Études Spatiales or National Center for Space Studies), while respecting AOC Champagne regulations, which certify the integrity of the wine.

Axiom’s collaboration with Mumm and the Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar recognizes that in order to bring humanity into space, not only can we bring humans, we must bring human traditions.

Michael Suffredini, President and CEO of Axiom Space

2. Preserve the elixir

Astronauts and space tourists can enjoy a Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar preserved thanks to its glass bottle held in an aeronautical aluminum case and secured by a stainless steel opening and closing device. The top part of the bottle, known as the “service”, consists of a long neck topped by a cork and a ring – the latter holding the cork.

© Maison Vimes

To compensate for the lack of bubbles that rise to the surface due to microgravity, Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar is delivered as a foam that then covers the walls of the mouth. The company relied on a specific blend of Pinot Noir – Mumm’s signature varietal – with reserve wines from the last five years, which deliver notes of ripe yellow fruit and cane peaches, but also dried fruit, hazelnut and praline.

My aim was to preserve the freshness and power of Mumm Cordon Rouge and enhance the intensity of its aromas with more aging and a dosage liqueur made from oak-aged wines.

Laurent Fresnet, cellar master

Jean-François Clervoy, a French astronaut with the European Space Agency who helped create Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar, said it was important to maintain a connection to Earth and its culture in space. “As a symbol of the art of living that has stood the test of time, champagne has this universal appeal,” Clervoy said.

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