MBRF opens registrations for ‘Scientific Translation’ and ‘Travel Writings’ workshops

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) opened registrations for the Travel Writing and Academic Translation workshops, marking the conclusion of the first phase in a series of workshops launched under the Dubai International Program for Writing.

dr Wafaa Al Mezghani led the Travel Writings workshop, which focused on training participants to document travel experiences and turn them into literature and creative writing. The workshop encouraged interaction, brainstorming, exchange of ideas and teamwork. It aimed to develop the young people’s skills in documenting their travels vicariously by helping them improve their ability to express their experiences in words.

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The Academic Translation workshop highlights the role of translation in the global dissemination of academic content. The workshop informed participants about the preferred tools to improve scientific translation skills. Under the direction of Dr. Ghanem Al Samurai, the workshop aims to improve the skills of academic translators and enrich the Arabic content with books that inspire innovation.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF, said: “The Dubai International Program has successfully organized workshops to promote knowledge and creativity among youth. The program aims to advance the knowledge movement at the local, regional and global levels Encourage talented youth and creative minds to excel in the writing field.”

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He further stressed that the Dubai International Program for Writing will continually strive to organize workshops and activities in line with its vision to enrich and promote knowledge and Arab outcomes by motivating Arab youth to foster creativity and Achieve excellence in writing.

After launching the Dubai International Program for Writing in 2013, it has trained over 300 young participants in various writing techniques. It has conducted numerous workshops in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Several prestigious award-winning books are also a testament to the achievements of the program. The program explores different avenues to enrich Arabic knowledge and nurture diverse writers and translators with the ability to produce significant literary and scholarly output by providing them with essential skills and tools to increase creativity in writing and scholarly translation.

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