m1nd-set reveals top travelling nationalities, hubs and airlines of 2022

m1nd-set released the full year 2022 B1S traffic monitor The report prepared in partnership with IATA and air traffic data partner arc.

The report reveals the top travel countries, major hubs and leading airlines by passenger numbers.

in terms of nations traveling, WE and United Kingdom While maintaining the top two positions with 132 and 102 million international trips, respectively, Germany with 87 million international trips last year, it rounded out the top three most traveled nations in 2022.

France, Spain and Italy With 67, 56 and 47 million international trips, respectively, in 2022, it ranks in the top ten compared to pre-pandemic traveler numbers in 2019, but is rising in the rankings.

Switzerland, Canada and Holland All new entrants to the top ten nationalities with 27, 26 and 25 million international departures last year and India rounded out the top ten nationalities, falling from fifth to tenth in 2019.

South Korea, Japan and Chinese all from the ten most traveled countries for 2022.

Spain and Switzerland are the only two of the top ten countries to see a full recovery in international traffic, reaching pre-pandemic levels or even moderately exceeding them. Compared to 2019, the average improvement rate among the top ten countries is 75%, France 90% of 2019 levels, and the Netherlands and Germany around 80%.

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According to the report, the top 20 countries for international travel in 2022 include the eleventh to twentieth place: Russia, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Mexico, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Greece and Sweden.

International travel centersIt has seen a mostly moderately healthy improvement, which tends to benefit a diverse cross-section of international travelers who use transit wait times to shop at duty-free shops.

best international travel destinations for transit passengers In 2022, there was an approximately 62% improvement in pre-pandemic traffic levels and Panama City Tocumen International Airport The only top ten travel destinations to reach pre-pandemic 2019 traffic levels for connected travelers with a 7% growth in reported traffic in 2022 compared to 2019.

The top three international travel hubs in terms of connected passenger rankings have remained unchanged since pre-pandemic. Dubai International It ranks first, with 11 million connected passengers in 2022, nearly half the 2019 level. Frankfurt and amsterdam It follows second and third with 10.5 million connecting passengers each, which is just over 60% of 2019 levels for transit passengers.

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Istanbul and Doha Airports Complete the top 5 airports for international flights with around 9 million connections each. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport achieved 7 million transit passengers in 2022, more than two-thirds of 2019 levels, and Panama City, Singapore, Madrid and London Heathrow completed the top ten airports with 6.5, 5.5, 5 and 4 million transit passengers respectively. . Madrid has also seen a healthy recovery with transit traffic at more than 70% of pre-pandemic levels.

Ranked eleventh to twentieth for international transit hubs in 2022 are Munich, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Vienna, Toronto, Lisbon, Zurich and Sao Paulo-Guarulhos.

Third benchmark rank in traffic monitor, top 20 airlines for passenger counts It saved 81% of traffic in the first ten months of January-October 2022 compared to the same period of 2019.

ryanair It continues to lead the rankings with just over 100 million passengers, with 104% above pre-pandemic levels. easy jet With less than half of Ryanair’s traffic, it ranks second with 48 million international passengers from January to October in 2022, reaching 78% of its pre-pandemic level from January to October 2019.

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Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and emirates will round out the top five airlines for January-October 2022 with 34, 32 and 32 million passengers respectively. Turkish Airlines also saw a healthy recovery with 97% compared to January-October 2019 levels. Wizz Air With 29 million passengers, it saw traffic return to about 102% of pre-pandemic January-October levels.

American Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air France and british airlines According to the m1nd-set B1S traffic monitor, it entered the top ten by carrying 26, 24, 24 and 23 million passengers between January and October 2022, respectively. British Airways shows the lowest recovery rate with 63% of January-October 2019 traffic.

The top twenty airline rankings by passenger numbers from January to October 2022 were completed by United Airlines in eleventh place, followed by KLM, Air Canada, Delta and Jet2.com, and Eurowings, Vueling, Pegasus, Saudia, and twelfth to fifteenth. Copa follows. Airlines from the sixteenth to the twentieth position.


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