London politics latest LIVE: Gavin Williamson in Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet with returns also for Raab and Gove


Yishai Sunak appointed members of parliament to his cabinet after he fired a series of ministers in a dramatic fashion within hours of becoming prime minister.

Jeremy Hunt remained as Chancellor while Dominic Raab was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice in the first appointments.

Mr Sonk appointed Suala Braverman as home secretary less than a week after she quit Liz Truss’s government for breaching the ministerial code.

While Michael Gove returns to the Cabinet as Level Secretary after being dramatically sacked by Boris Johnson in July.

Gavin Williamson, who was sacked by Boris Johnson as education secretary after the Covid exams fiasco, is back as a non-portfolio minister in the Cabinet Office.

Penny Mordaunt, who contested the leadership twice against Mr Sonk, retained her role as leader of the house. Gillian Keegan has been appointed Secretary of State for Education in her first major Cabinet role. Steve Barclay was appointed Minister of Health.

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James Clearly remained Foreign Secretary and Ben Wallace as Defense Secretary. Simon Hart, Secretary of State for Wales during Boris Johnson’s tenure, was appointed Chief Whip. Nadim Zahavi was appointed minister without portfolio and chairman of the Conservative Party.

Oliver Dowden MP has been appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, meaning he will run the Cabinet Office for Mr Sonke. Liz Truss’ close ally and former deputy prime minister Therese Coffey, who remained in cabinet as environment secretary, was among other appointments.

The previous business minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, resigned, some ministers appear to have been given time to resign before being sacked, and others were axed when Mr Sunak vacated the cabinet of former prime minister Liz Truss.

Mr Rees-Mogg resigned as Business Secretary and Brandon Lewis stepped down as Justice Secretary in some high-profile names to leave the Cairns.

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Earlier, Mr Sunak said he had “work to do to restore trust” when he spoke for the first time after becoming prime minister.

“I will unite our country, not in words but in deeds. I will work every day to deliver for you,” Mr Sonk said outside No 10 Downing Street.

It comes after Liz Truss left No 10 for the last time, saying in a speech that “brighter days are ahead”.


The full involvement of the government

Read all the ins and outs of Rishi Sunak’s cabinet here, with political reporter Rachel Burford.


what’s happening today?

Good Morning.

Liz Truss will hold her final Cabinet meeting at 9am and then make a farewell speech outside Number 10 at 10.15am.

She will travel to Buckingham Palace to hold her final audience with King Charles III.

Then it will be Rishi Sunak’s turn to meet the king, and the king will invite him to form the next government.

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After being officially appointed Prime Minister, the new Tory leader is expected to return to Downing Street.

Mr. Sonck will address the state on stairs number 10 at approximately 11:35 am.

The new prime minister will form a cabinet.

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Who should be in Rishi Sunak’s cabinet?

Rishi Sunak’s long-time backers Dominic Raab, former justice secretary, Commons finance committee chairman Mel Strayed and former chief whip Mark Harper are expected to be in his cabinet.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, brought in to stabilize the ailing government of Liz Truss, is expected to keep the keys to 11th place.

Penny Mordaunt, who bowed out of the leadership race when she failed to get 100 nominations from Tory MPs, is expected to get some sort of promotion – with some speculating she could replace Mr Cleary as foreign secretary.

Dominic Raab

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Sonak “just another conservative who won’t deliver”

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said that Rishi Sunak is “just another conservative who will not stand up for the people’s values”.

He told the BBC: “We think we need a general election now, we believe that, but it’s increasingly clear that the Conservatives don’t trust the British people.

“They’re not going to give people a say, and let me tell you, people are outraged about it.

“We are happy to work with any member of parliament who is willing to give people a chance to express their opinion.”

He added: “I think (Sunak) is going to bring cuts in public spending. I’m not convinced that he will take care of the less well off in society.”

Sir Ed Davey

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Some ‘bruised feelings’ following ‘six difficult weeks’

Former minister Victoria Atkins will have “some bruised feelings” following a “very, very difficult six weeks” for the Conservative Party.

She told Sky News: “What we saw yesterday was the vast majority of people coming together.

“The reception that Rishi received from around the party was so inspiring to see and also so comforting. We have a real chance to unite here.”

Ms Atkins pointed to Mr Sunak’s record as chancellor during the pandemic, predicting: “We will see more of Rishi in this situation…reassuring us.

“We saw it when we were all huddled around our TVs during the lockdown and were reassured by Rishi saying, ‘This is what I’m going to do for you, we’re going to put our arms around you,’ and so I’m very, very sure we’ll see more of Rishi in that situation, if you will, reassuring us, Stabilizes the markets.”


In the photo: The media gathers outside number 10

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Biden: Sunak as prime minister is a “groundbreaking milestone”

It is a “groundbreaking milestone” that Rishi Sunak will become the next Prime Minister of Britain, US President Joe Biden said as he marked Diwali.

“And if it’s the UK, which is just today, we have news that Rashee Sonk is now prime minister. As my brother would say, ‘Go think,'” Mr Biden said.

Read more here.

Joe Biden: Rishi Sunak’s Ascension to the Next Prime Ministership is a “Breakthrough Milestone”


The Conservative Party is “tired, clapping, divided”

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Pat McFadden said the Conservative Party was tired and had no vision for the future as he called for a general election.

Mr McFadden told Sky News that the party was “tired, it’s clapping, it’s divided” and “they have no ideas how to move the country forward”.

He claimed that the British “will be asked to pay the price” for the economic mistakes of the Tories.


Tories “can no longer indulge in policy debates”

Rishi Sonk must “make it clear” to the party that it “can no longer indulge in policy debates”, former Tory leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith said.

Told that Mr Sonak might cut him his role of dealing with the Tory backbenches, he told BBC Breakfast: “Well, maybe. I think the truth is there’s a great desire now to stop having an empty room debate.

“He now needs to make it clear to his party – my party – that we can no longer indulge in policy debates, we just need to continue in power.”

Sir Ian Duncan Smith

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In the photo: Cabinet members reach number 10

Ranil Jayawardene

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