Liz Truss: Savage details hidden in Ryanair’s boarding pass for PM

Ryanair’s “wild” dig at outgoing British Prime Minister Lizz Truss contained many subtle layers. Photo/screenshot, Facebook

The resident of 10 Downing Street packs her bags and looks for a break.

It didn’t take long for the trolling to start — but some digs were more subtle than others.

Travel companies quickly benefited from Liz Truss’ quick departure from the Prime Minister’s residence at Downing Street.

Package tour company Thomas Cook released a photo of the Prime Minister pursuing a travel case less than an hour after news that the UK Prime Minister had resigned.

“Think she rushed to get her flight,” quipped one comment, noting that the rough photoshop had cut off one of the Prime Minister’s heels.

“The sprint to goal is coming up,” replied Thomas Cook’s Facebook page.

Another Downing Street meme that circulated was a “spoof” ad for Airbnb short-term rentals, although the leasing website did not claim the image.

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Other travel memes have been constructed more carefully.

Shortly after Truss' resignation, a fake ad appeared for rental website Airbnb.  photo / screenshot
Shortly after Truss’ resignation, a fake ad appeared for rental website Airbnb. photo / screenshot

Budget airline Ryanair usually fared.

The Irish airline’s Twitter issued a boarding pass for the Prime Minister from London Gatwick to “Anywhere”. But this public toast by plane ticket had many layers.

The airline said the shortest-serving prime minister in the country’s history would approve the airline’s “25-minute processing time.”

Commentators praised the “wild” commentary and deciphered the jokes on the boarding pass. Aside from the 10D seat assignment – ​​there were some more subtle digs at 10 Downing Street hidden in the ticket.

The reference was PM1922 for the 1922 committee that oversaw her resignation.

The sequence read “19” for the 19th Conservative politician to hold the role.

“In case anyone is wondering if the QR code links to anything”… wrote one impressed comment.

The ticket led to a Google currency exchange page, which showed the sterling rebound after the news – a shot at the Prime Minister’s disastrous mini-budget that marked her short tenure.

The Irish airline is known for its cutting edge social media style.

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This isn’t the first boarding pass they’ve issued the PM during her short-lived tenure.

“They really seemed to have predicted it,” replied another Twitter user.


The first boarding pass was issued on September 29, the date Truss was named prime minister after a lackluster leadership race. It looked like just a short trip.

“Booking that arrived today?” The airline tweeted with apparent confusion.

In apparent haste – the booking was made out to ‘Tiz Lruss’, suggesting the new prime minister had been hastily appointed and entered through the ‘back door’ – a thinly veiled comment on the party’s haste to avoid a general election.

The route was perhaps the most cryptic of the clues, but said the most about Ryanair’s own position on the Prime Minister and British politics.

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FR 7137 “Lisbon to Dublin” was perhaps a coded reference to the Lisbon Treaty or “Article 50”.

For non-EU politicians, “Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union is the exit provision”.

It was known as the Lisbon Treaty but was eventually ratified by Ireland in Dublin in 2009.

AKA the “Brexit Bill” that Britain invoked to leave the European Union in 2017.

As a European airline based in the Republic of Ireland – but with the majority of its business carrying British passengers on flights between Europe and the UK – Ryanair was not a fan of Article 50.

Brexit was a nightmare for European low-cost airlines.

It’s a farewell photo of Truss as Prime Minister who has vowed to “use the freedoms of Brexit”.

With mischievous joy they said goodbye to her.


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