Light the Night serves as precursor to SolarFEST

To commemorate its commitment to clean energy and sustainable development, the Center for Energy Education will host a celebratory launch event tonight to advance its focus on renewable energy.

In preparation for its annual SolarFEST celebration, C4EE will be showing the Clean Power Avenue of Flags on its campus on Wednesday, October 5 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m

The center is located at 460 Airport Road outside of Roanoke Rapids.

The following day ⏤ October 6th ⏤ the center will host SolarFEST from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Both events are free and open to the public.

“The center will shine a light on our community through a creative exhibit that highlights renewable energy solutions,” said Mozine Lowe, executive director of C4EE. “Visitors of all ages can join our open-air celebration with music, cinema and food trucks. Experience our Silent Disco with us.”

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The Clean Power Avenue of Flags made from recycled ocean plastic uses art as a catalyst to create positive social and environmental impacts. The mission is to educate and empower individuals, organizations and leaders to drive systemic change and accelerate the journey to a zero-carbon future. It actively supports goals 7 and 13 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

London-based co-creators Morag Myerscough and Oliver Wayman designed bold and colorful oversized flags to showcase the climate change solutions that are helping ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.”

The messages contain the words sun, sea and air, key elements for renewable energy. The color palette for the flags includes bright tones of pink, orange, blue, yellow and green.

Wayman, who will be visiting Roanoke Rapids to attend C4EE’s special event, noted that the flags are an accessible, fun mode to reinforce the message that action, compassion and unity promote intelligent use of energy.

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“We are proud to present the Clean Power campaign at C4EE,” said Wayman. “The essence of the campaign is to win hearts and minds and spread positivity and courage for a renewable future. As the bastion of renewable energy in the United States, C4EE is the perfect partner to deliver this message.”

Wayman noted that the flags are made from ocean plastic waste that is shredded and made into yarn. He added that the flags would be given a third life and made into bags.

He also said he is exploring new biomaterial sources that are “resilient but also work in the circular economy.”

The Clean Power campaign started in London in early August.

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Displayed on Oxford Street, Europe’s busiest thoroughfare, alongside a digital artwork in Piccadilly Circus ⏤ Europe’s equivalent of Times Square in New York ⏤, the flags will travel across the United States, Japan, Australia, Italy and New Zealand to promoting social media and environmental impact. The flags were originally displayed in Glasgow, Scotland, during UN COP26, a gathering of world leaders, including President Biden, to address global agreements for a more sustainable, low-carbon future.


SolarFEST is an annual all-day clean energy showcase for energy independence held at the C4EE campus. The celebration will highlight the themes of environmental justice, smart investments in renewable energy, and economic opportunities in rural communities.

Public and elected officials, industry representatives, schools and community members were invited. The event will include exhibitions, food and other hands-on activities.

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