Les Nuits de la lecture: to live rare and unusual moments

Encouraging reading and promoting the pleasure of reading. “Nuits de la lessonCreated by the French Ministry of Culture in 2017 and organized by the National Book Center from 19 to 22 January, ” (Evening Readings) showcases ambitious goals with the theme of fear. For several days, public libraries such as university and multimedia libraries and private libraries, as well as museums and theaters, will accompany the public in all forms of literature, thanks to night and entertainment events in France and beyond!

After the same event in 2021 “quite successfulDespite the health crisis, the Ministry of Culture, with more than 2,000 events held in France and nearly 30 countries, “rich programNuits de la lesson 20222. This year, the event has spanned four nights and a weekend and will be held on Saturday, January 21.Discover or rediscover reading in the form of onsite or remote games, activities or digital animations”.

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More extraordinary moments than ever

This 7. Nuits de la lecture focus on the theme of fear, “an opportunity to experience and share more extraordinary times than ever before”. all over France and even in a few foreign countries, thousands of meetings and events focused on books held in a wide variety of venues such as libraries, bookstores, schools, universities, museums and events French Institutes available all over the world. Foreign cities include Madrid, Trieste, Prague, Tallinn, as well as Niamey, Santo Domingo, Quito and even Tokyo!

Using the interactive map on the dedicated website, you can easily see where events are held in France or anywhere else in the world, as well as view the event online.

Fear in the heart of the night

Who is afraid of the dark? not really Nuits de la lessonbecause, as the website explains, “modern novels and essays from children’s fairy tales to fantasy stories, dystopian sci-fi epics to detective stories, and our inner and common fears in the crisis we live in.“, really horror theme he is “It smears literature and invites us to explore all kinds of storytelling, all forms of reading… And especially at night!”. This is how the National Book Center (Centre National du Livre, CNL) justifies its choice of theme for this year, which should move the audience, whether the book is new or not. Nuits de la lesson.

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A sponsor who knows his subject

more because author Marie Darrieussecq this year’s sponsor of the event. It was made public as soon as his first novel was published in 1996 (truthsPOL publishing) and he “a truly dazzling achievement in bookstores”: More than 1 million copies have been sold and translated into 40 languages.

Since then, Marie Darrieussecq has published about 40 books and her last novel (rust domir POL 2019), as “A personal story on insomnia, the end of a 20-year journey, and the panic in literature and nights”. He talks about himself”pantheon of sleepless writersSuch as Virginia Woolf, André Gide, Cesare Pavese, Sylvia Plath, Susan Sontag, Franz Kafka, Dostoyevsky, Haruki Murakami, Aimé Césaire, Borges and more.

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A consultation to find additional ideas

In this context, and to create new initiatives such as Nuits de la lesson, CNL recently launched a great consultation in the name “How to develop reading pleasure in all French?”. In collaboration with the make.org platform, CNL launched a popular consultation in early December.

Concretely, anyone can contribute to this work by: send suggestions that can fuel the future CNL’s program of action and encourages reading, it allows people, and especially young people, to better understand their aspirations.

And CNL intends “Continue the movement initiated by the Great National Cause year and turn reading into a great collective interest.”. consultation results will be Released publicly in March 2023.


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