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Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, daughter of Dickie Arbiter, the Queen’s former press secretary, has said she expects King Charles III to will resume overseas travel after his predecessor was forced to remain in the UK for ‘several years’. A combination of the coronavirus pandemic and the late monarch’s mobility problems prevented Her Majesty from visiting her beloved Commonwealth realms, but Ms Arbiter said the new king will certainly be “travelling again” as the media already speculated where his first could be a visit. She reported rumors that French President Emmanuel Macron had invited King Charles and that Australia and New Zealand would also likely be among his first visits.

Ms Arbiter said: “I think he will proceed very carefully and wisely and not make any drastic changes.

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“I think we will see a monarch traveling again. It has been several years since the late Queen Elizabeth II traveled overseas, simply because long-distance travel was becoming difficult.

“So the newspapers are already trying to speculate on where Charles might go first. There are rumors that President Macron of France has invited him to visit.

“I also expect Australia and New Zealand to have a visit from the brand new king. Going out and supporting the Commonwealth realms will be incredibly important.

“But I also think, just based on his interactions with the public, that we’re going to see a more hands-on, slightly emotional monarch than we’re used to.

“The unwritten rule has always been ‘don’t touch the Queen’ but there’s Charles outside shaking hands, a couple of ladies reached over the barriers to kiss him last week, another lady kissed his hand.

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“So, I think we’re going to see a pretty hands-on monarch as well.”

While the king mourns privately in Scotland after flying back there on the Queen Consort on Tuesday, the Daily Telegraph reported that France is seen as his first diplomatic trip.

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The newspaper reported that no plan was finalized but wrote that a trip across the English Channel was seen as an opportunity to build ties with Europe.

Charles also plans to reduce the monarchy to just seven working royals, the Daily Express claimed, as part of a new Caroline era that’s more in tune with the public.

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The publication said it would likely be the King, Queen Consort, Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, Princess Royal and Earl and Countess of Wessex.

The newspaper’s poll of 2,351 Britons found that cutting the costs of the monarchy was the public’s second-biggest royal priority, after campaigning on environmental issues.

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