KAYAK reveals travel trends for Indian tourists this festive season

Mumbai, September 23, 2022: The festive travel season (between September 1st and November 30th) of 2022 has become one of the most eagerly awaited in recent years. After an easing of COVID travel restrictions, tourism activity is picking up again as travelers’ desire for new destinations and new experiences increases.

This is indicated by search data from KAYAK.co.in, the world’s leading travel search engine, which has analyzed flight searches for the 2022 holiday season. The data shows that combat searches from airports in India have increased by about 118% compared to pre-pandemic levels. International flight searches have increased by approximately 143% and domestic flight searches have increased by approximately 91%*.

Indian travelers also don’t seem to be put off by higher air fares, which are up about 38% on international flights and about 39% on domestic flights compared to 2019*. The average cost for a return economy class flight during the holidays is around INR 8,585 and around INR 56,332 for an international return economy class flight*.

“The stars are aligned for Indians to embark on this long-awaited journey as restrictions around the world are eased or lifted altogether, just in time for the start of the country’s public holiday.

As indicated by the number of searches conducted on KAYAK.co.in, Indian travelers appear to be making up for lost time and happier than before the pandemic. Along with flight interest surpassing pre-pandemic levels, we’ve also noticed hotel searches surpassing those of 2019.

There are great deals up for grabs this festive season. Try KAYAK’s flexible search options and filters to find the cheapest dates and set price alerts for your favorite destinations,” said Tarun Tahiliani, India Country Manager, KAYAK.

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KAYAK reveals the travel trends for Indians to enjoy this festive season, including their travel habits and where they are going this year, as well as the inbound tourism trends that will shape the 2022 festive season.

Insights into searching on KAYAK.co.in during the holiday travel season*:

● Hotel searches up: Hotel searches by Indian travelers are up approximately 34% compared to 2019, with domestic hotel searches up approximately 98%.

● Hotel Rates Increased Slightly: International one-night double room rates in 3-4 star international hotels have increased by approximately 22% for Indian KAYAK users and approximately 25% for domestic hotel rooms compared to 2019.

● Shorter international trips: Although search queries suggest that Indian travelers will travel more this holiday season, the length of their holiday for international trips appears to be shorter than in 2019 at 24 days (down about 13% from 2019) based on flight search data.

● Longer domestic journeys: According to flight search data, the average journey time is about 6 days in 2022 (a day increase compared to 2019).

KAYAK.co.in search stats for top holiday destinations for Indian travelers*:

With more Indians looking to fly this year than before the pandemic, international travel is on the agenda for many this festive season. Dubai remains the most searched destination for holiday travel, while Bangkok, London and Singapore also top the list. Goa was the most searched domestic destination, followed by New Delhi and Mumbai.

The 10 most searched destinations on KAYAK.co.in for the holidays Average percentage increase in international flight searches during holiday travel season in comparison

period in 2019

average price for

International return flight in Economy Class during the travel period

Average percentage price increase for the return

Economy flight for the travel period compared to the same period in 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 765% ₹ 26,019 33%
Bangkok, Thailand 164% £23,798 38%
Goa, India 191% €10,709 41%
New Delhi, India 85% £10,586 32%
London, United Kingdom 180% €80,679 57%
Singapore, Singapore 167% £25,414 18%
Bali, Indonesia 113% £39,808 38%
Male, the Maldives 334% £24,887 37%
New York, United States 157% €105,661 54%
Mumbai, India 92% € 8,252 24%
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There is significant interest in Indian travelers visiting domestic destinations, with six of the top 10 most searched hotel destinations in India.

10 Most Searched Hotel Destinations for the Christmas Season Average percentage search increase for 3 to 4 star hotel rooms during the holiday travel season compared to the same

period in 2019

Average price for 1 night in a double room in a 3-4 star hotel during the travel period Average percentage price change in a double room in the travel period of a 3-4 star hotel compared to the same period in 2019

New Delhi, India 17% £8,975 42%
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 100% £19,958 51%
Mumbai, India 6% ₹7,039 -10%
Panaji, India 156% € 7,174 -7%
London, United Kingdom 25% €15,435 -10%
Bengaluru, India 70% £4,916 -18%
Singapore, Singapore 32% €13,686 12%
Bangkok, Thailand 11% £6,282 13%
Kolkata, India 116% €4,389 40%
Chennai, India 35%
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KAYAK.co.in search stats on inbound travel to India during the holidays^:

The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Qatar, New Zealand, Singapore and Saudi Arabia are the top nations supporting inbound tourism to India, according to FlightSearch^.

Incoming travelers prefer major Indian cities, with the most searched hotels being New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad.

Inbound tourists can expect an increase in the cost of round-trip economy class flights to India by about 31% compared to the same period in 2019, and hotels in India for about 10% more per night in a double room in a 3rd floor -4-star hotel find travel period.

KAYAK Travel Tips:

● Use a travel search engine: KAYAK provides tools and filters to help you find great deals, including a Discover page that shows destinations by price. Before planning your trip, find out about the current travel restrictions at your destination. KAYAK’s Travel Restrictions Map provides real-time updates on individual countries’ COVID-19 restrictions and entry requirements.

● Set Price Alerts: One of KAYAK’s most popular features, Price Alerts help travelers save money by notifying them when the price of a flight or hotel changes. If a flight you’re tracking drops in price, KAYAK notifies you so they can set that new price, saving you time and money immediately.

● Be flexible: Choose “flexible” filters whenever possible. If your travel dates aren’t set in stone and you have a little wiggle room, you can save money on booking within +/- 3 days of your desired date range.

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