Jumeirah Bali invents a time machine to experience the lavish Majapahit golden era

In the south of the island of the gods lies Jumeirah Bali, a luxurious resort in Uluwatu that transports guests back to the beginning; the height of the Majapahit era. Steps away from the azure waters and white sands of Dreamland Beach, the resort is an elegant haven inspired by a tranquil Hindu-Javanese Water Palace.

Powered by Jumeirah Group, a member of Dubai Holding and a global luxury hotel company, they are known for the most exquisite establishments throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Among their most notable is the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, a timeless pinnacle of luxury. Jumeirah’s name is synonymous with service excellence, creating exceptional experiences for everyone who walks through its doors.

Jumeirah Bali is the perfect place for guests to relax and recharge, offering private clifftop villas and the beautiful scenery of Bali in all its glory. The resort offers six different villa types; Sunset, Ocean, Panoramic Ocean, Garden, Premier Garden, and a special two-bedroom Family Connecting Villa for those who come as a family.


A castle of their own

Each villa comes with its own private pool and amenities such as 24-hour butler service, a resident master yogi for fitness enthusiasts, free breakfast and Wi-Fi, and exclusive beach access. The hospitality facilities are in keeping with the local, friendly and welcoming Balinese culture. What sets them apart, however, are the unique views from different vantage points.

The 210 square meter Sunset Villa sits on an elevated clifftop overlook that offers the perfect spot to watch the glowing orange and pink sky as the sun sets in the east. The room also overlooks the blue ocean, which seems to blend with the sky in the morning.


Next is the Ocean Villa. With the same size and amenities, it is designed as an elegant space, perfect for relaxing while taking in the sights of the Indian Ocean. Guests are guaranteed to feel the refreshing ocean breeze while relaxing on the terrace. The villa has the magical ability to put a person at ease; a quiet peace that comes from being closer to nature.

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The Panoramic Ocean Villa is steps away from the former for a more uninterrupted view of the ocean. Guests are welcome to settle into the setting inspired by a Hindu Mie temple and enjoy stunning views of the ocean from their bedrooms.

On the other hand, the Garden Villa overlooks the expansive garden of Majapahit, surrounded by some of Indonesia’s heritage trees for a more lush view. It has the same facilities and the same space as the Sunset Villa.


However, for those looking for more culture and space, the Premier Garden Villa is the answer, as it provides the perfect view of the classic ruins of Majapahit to truly immerse yourself in Bali’s cultural heritage.

Meanwhile, the two-bedroom Family Connecting Villas offer the best of both worlds; the 420 sqm room has the perfect mix of garden and creek view. It gives off the soothing ambience of the lush greenery of Bali, yet the cultural experience of the classical ruins of Majapahit and its iconic monuments of Bali’s cultural heritage. Unlike the rest, it has two private pools and comes with free access to Dreamland Beach.

To be one with nature

For those traveling with children, make sure they stop by the Peafowl Kids Club for some holiday fun, where the tropical forest meets Jumeirah’s dreamland garden to become a playground for the little ones. The beautiful Peafowl Pavilion encourages children to play in the island’s natural greenery, away from electronics and the urban hustle and bustle.

The peafowl itself is a motif from the history of Indonesia. Just as the central concept of Jumeirah Bali comes from the majestic Majapahit Empire, the pipe is said to be the symbol of its Queen Brawijaya V. The club offers fun activities for little ones; such as sensory classes, Balinese clothing, musical instruments for them to play, and bonfire nights. There is also a special yoga course for young people.


While the children are away, the parents can play. Although in this resort, adults are encouraged to let go and relax. Start the day with sunrise meditation on the pristine white sand and turquoise waters of Dreamland Beach. The sound of waves brings serenity and energy that help get everyone through the day. At sunset, spare a few moments to reflect on the sun with gratitude and say goodbye, with another session of meditation under the stunning pink chiffon sky during the golden hour.

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For true Balinese healing, experience a sunrise on the beach along with a traditional Melukat water purification ritual by a local priest, Mangku. It is believed that the ritual will wipe away bad influences on the mind and soul, leaving one with the memories of a happy state of mind. Complete the cleansing journey with a sound therapy healing session, followed by a waterfall massage.


Very few spas on the island can offer a more luxurious and idiosyncratic wellness experience than Jumeirah. The resort’s Talise Spa practices authentic healing traditions inspired by the Negara Kertagama – a sacred Javanese text from the 14th century. Experience the moon’s healing powers with a Kundalini massage, or bathe like royalty in the sensory signature Hammam.

Guests who prefer to stay fit while on vacation can join the Beach Boot Camp experience. It will also be on the beach, because nature will help everyone comfortably around the beautiful scenery of Bali. The activity is designed to improve physical and mental endurance, as well as muscle mass through sessions of cardio and strength training. The boot camp is an intensive program, but the guests are guaranteed to come out on the other side.

Dining with the Royals


The food menu is an adventure of its own. Start at the Segaran dining terrace for the sustainably sourced organic flavors of Bali, overlooking the scenic views of the Uluwatu coast. The establishment offers Southeast Asian cuisine throughout the day. Wash down the meal with a refreshing selection of cocktails at the infinity pool and Maja Sunset Lounge.

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The best jewel of the resort, however, is perhaps the renowned AKASA. The Cliffside Restaurant offers a flame-grilled menu with an Asian twist. With stunning 360-degree views of the Indian Ocean, AKASA serves a sophisticated menu at the southern tip of Jumeirah. The peppercorn selection itself comes from eight different countries, offering a selection from Indonesia to Cameroon and Africa.

To emulate the majestic style of the bygone Majapahit era, festivals fit for royalty are not enough. AKASA’s chic decor evokes a stately banquet hall where a royal Javanese family entertains an intimate group of friends amid the splendor and royal ceremony.

This holiday season, make sure your holiday time is well spent with friends and family at Jumeirah Bali. Enjoy the magic of the season by attending the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Guests are invited to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments handmade by local artisans while listening to carols. The events are set for December, 16 and 23. While the lighting ceremony happens after sunset, there is also a feast, spectacular dinner, brunch and a bazaar on Christmas Eve and Day.


To start the new year off right, AKASA and Segaran Dining Terrace are ready to welcome guests with the most lavish gastronomic set menu before inviting everyone to the countdown party at Trowulan. Enjoy a spectacular fire dance performance and fireworks to herald in the New Year, and then the night away with live DJ sets while taking in the colorful night sky.

For more information and to make a reservation, please jumeirahbali.com or simply call +62 361 201 5000. In the meantime, stay connected via social media channels www.instagram.com/jumeirahbali and don’t forget to tag them in your posts #TimeExceptionallyWellSpent in the #JumeirahBali


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