Jordan Henderson reveals his dad may not travel to the World Cup amid security fears in Qatar

Jordan Henderson reveals his father may not be traveling to the World Cup after his father said he was done going to big away games over safety concerns in shocking scenes at the Champions League final

  • Jordan Henderson reveals security concerns that family may not travel to Qatar
  • Henderson’s family got into trouble at the Champions League final
  • Liverpool skipper says his family was really shocked by scenes at matches

Jordan Henderson has revealed his father is considering not traveling to the World Cup due to the shocking scenes that overshadowed last season’s Champions League final.

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The Liverpool skipper’s father, Brian, and his family were caught up in the terrible riots outside the Stade de France in June, when thousands of Red supporters faced unprovoked attacks from local gangs, tear-gassed by police, only to be arrested by UEFA to be accused.

The atrocities in the French capital earlier this year were the latest in a harrowing series of events for England player families, who were also caught up in the violent scenes that marred last summer’s Euro 2020 final at Wembley.

Jordan Henderson has revealed his father is considering not traveling to November's World Cup

Jordan Henderson has revealed his father is considering not traveling to November’s World Cup

Sportsmail yesterday reported how members of Tottenham and England defender Eric Dier are no longer attending games amid fears of violence.

And now Henderson has spoken out about similar concerns from his family, saying: “My dad said he did that after the Champions League final.

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“But as it gets closer I think there are a lot of security elements going on in Qatar and things that I am sure will increase the safety of the people.

“But when you’ve had those experiences, you sometimes think, is it worth risking? But we must see the time closer.

“I think there could have been a lot more problems in Paris in the final if the fans hadn’t been respectful to be fair so I think the fans were great. It was the authorities and the people around the stadium who didn’t make or cause any problems.

“But I suppose as a fan, if you go to the game and you don’t feel comfortable and feel threatened by any situation, you’re not going to want to go again. And it really is that simple.

“My family and friends have had some experiences over the past few years that have really shocked them and probably put them off going to future games.

“Hopefully that will change in the near future as the tournament gets closer. But when you see scenes like in the Euro final, in the Champions League final, you don’t really want to go and put yourself in that situation again.

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