JobsDB advises burnouts to focus on developing in-demand skills for the right opportunity

Duangporn Promon, Managing Director of Jobs DB Recruitment (Thailand) Limited, said that computer/IT industry was the industry with the most published job vacancies, according to JobsDB Thailand Salary Report 2022 published on JobsDB (Thailand) platform.

Burnout is a term familiar to many modern workers. Some people are experiencing it right now, while others may have already gone through it. Burnout often has a negative impact on work performance, daily life, relationships with family and colleagues, etc. Employees who are burned out can become discouraged and lose motivation. JobsDB, Asia’s leading job portal, encourages the new generation of workers to rekindle their passion for work. JobsDB educates them about burnout and gives advice on how to change their perspectives and attitudes while learning new skills so they can make the most of their time and overcome burnout. As a result, they would be equipped with new knowledge and skills for a new job opportunity.

Burnout affects people of all ages
The term “burnout” conjures up images of long-term employment. However, burnout affects workers of all ages, from job starters to supervisors and executives. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including an inability to manage things that affect your work, such as being able to do the job you’re good at, being overlooked, and the classic work-life imbalance. These factors contribute to performance delays, psychological stress, and a loss of self-confidence and organizational trust, all of which affect your performance.

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The crisis has brought countless hidden opportunities to light
The pandemic has been a global crisis in recent years, causing untold losses to countries around the world. Many companies have had to downsize or even close, workers have been laid off and have had to look in vain for new jobs. Not surprisingly, these workers are more likely than ever to give up and burn out. However, we could not deny that the Covid-19 crisis has also created new opportunities for many companies and an exponential growth in the demand for highly skilled workers.

Duangporn Promon, Managing Director of Jobs DB Recruitment (Thailand) Limited, said: “According to the JobsDB Thailand Salary Report 2022 published on the JobsDB (Thailand) platform, the computer/IT industry was the industry with the most published job vacancies . With the most vacancies across all industries, sales/marketing was the most sought-after job function. Due to the increased demand, there were salary increases in several positions in Thailand. These included Computer/IT, Sales & Customer Service, Marketing & PR, Education & Beauty, and Health & Fitness.

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Burnout often negatively impacts job performance, daily life, relationships with family and colleagues, etc., while workers who burn out may become discouraged and lose motivation.

Various measures to contain the epidemic, restrictions on business activities and the abrupt termination of employment caused entrepreneurs and workers to attach greater importance to job and financial security. As a result, workers around the world are developing in-demand digital skills as they seek new opportunities in high-growth industries or roles. According to the Decoding Digital Talent survey of over 9,000 digital workers from different countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Denmark and Thailand, 63 percent of digital workers want better job opportunities, while 49 percent are looking for a new challenge.

Duangporn adds: “Although the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) has noted that the national unemployment rate is relatively low this year, it is interesting to note that the number of workers suffering from burnout is increasing. However, we want employees to recognize burnout as a common occurrence. We hope they will use the JobsDB survey results to look for opportunities to develop skills and qualifications for a more stable workplace in terms of company growth and future compensation.”

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Develop skills and seek inspiration to overcome burnout
In a time of constant change and adaptation, fighting burnout is not the best option. Besides learning new skills, we can avoid burnout by increasing job satisfaction by identifying the cause of burnout and starting something new. For example setting a new goal, finding new inspiration and challenge, creating a positive environment, traveling to a new destination or discovering a new hobby. This could eventually lead to a successful new career.

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