Irregular migrants face racism and human rights abuse  

During the opening of the photo exhibition in Sunyani and the Facebook ambassador contest, it was observed that illegal immigrants are at risk of racism and human rights violations.

The exhibition aimed to raise awareness of the risks of irregular migration.

Speakers said it was perpetrated by criminal gangs, mafia groups, smugglers and smugglers who helped and recruited migrants to their destination countries without authorization.

They say illegal immigration is a crime and victims risk prosecution and jail time.

The opening of the “Stop Tratta” photo exhibition as a platform to showcase the history of immigration and the human rights violations of undocumented immigrants also included an intensive training of trainers event for ambassadors.

VIS Ghana, a non-governmental organization (NGO), organized in collaboration with 8Xmille Chesa Cattolica, Italy, with funding from the Don Bosco Youth Network, local NGOs and the Italian Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

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The two-day event, which aims to build the skills of local leaders and actors as part of a local development project, aims to combat irregular migration in Ghana, particularly in the Sunyani, Berekum, Nkoranza, Dormaa-Ahenkro and Techiman regions. Leave Bono and Bono Eastern illegal immigration centers.

It was attended by teachers, radio journalists, queen mothers, animators, community leaders and mentor farmers.

The Project Manager of VIS Ghana, Ms. Silvia Tizzi, estimated that 50,000 agricultural workers were enslaved in Italy in 2019 according to the Global Tourism Index.

He said migrants in southern Italy lived in poverty growing tomatoes, without access to basic services such as water and electricity, and were forced to work 14 hours a day against the law for organized crime groups such as the “mafia”. immigrants are beaten and reported to the police.

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“In Italy, trade unions, civil society organizations (CSOs) and journalists highlight and address these issues of human rights violations by illegal immigrants, but often do not take them to their logical conclusion. Because such talk is often based on illegal things,” added Mad. Tizzi.

Assistant Commissioner of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Paul Atubiga (ASP), said migrants from Bono state are lured by agents, offering them lucrative jobs and overnight trips to their destination countries.

But ASP Atubiga added, “Although our doors are open for these migrants to seek travel advice, they do not do due diligence on their safety in their destination countries.”

“When it comes to going, we make sure you won’t be tempted. GIS provides guidance to immigrants to verify the validity of employment abroad. As a law enforcement agency tasked with regulating the movement of people across borders, we focus on trafficking of minors at airports and various points of entry,” he added.

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ASP Atubiga therefore called on the people, especially the unemployed young men and women, to take advantage of the numerous interventions in the forestry and agriculture sectors implemented by the government to improve their socio-economic conditions.

He said that illegal immigrants’ passports are confiscated by these smugglers and forced into hard labor against their will.

Ms. Mariachiara Boldrini, an intern at VIS Ghana, said the mafia dehumanises and mistreats migrants when she talks about “supporting the social inclusion and reintegration of returning migrants”.

However, he added, “They cannot report these mafia groups to local authorities because they are undocumented immigrants.”

Source: GNA


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