International travel ‘to see steeper growth in 2023’

According to the UAE’s leading online travel agency, the international travel segment will have a faster growth path in 2023 than in the previous year.

“The travel industry accounts for around 10%1 of global GDP1, and country authorities are collaborating synergistically to deliver the safety, hygiene and comfort levels required for the industry to regain lost ground,” said Sachin Gadoya, Co-Founder. & & CEO of Musafir Business.

“As a result, FY2022 has witnessed a steady recovery for leisure as well as business travel after a significant reduction in epidemic-related risk, easing travel arrangements worldwide, boosting traveler confidence and a desire to continue productivity at the enterprise level. -person interactions. The trend will only strengthen in 2023.”

Data and trends collected through inquiries and reservations on the Musafir Business platform predict that business travelers will continue to choose First & Business class despite ~10-15% increase in airfares. Premium Economy travel mode further expands the choice repertoire of such travelers.

Taken together, the average corporate travel budget will increase by 15-20% in 2023, comparable to the pre-pandemic days.

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Gadoya added: “Insights from the Guest Business platform make it clear that organizations in the UAE prefer face-to-face interaction to build trust and longevity in their business relationships. With travel arrangements being significantly eased these days, the average annual business travel of SMEs in the UAE spending is expected to increase by 15-20% in 2023 – from AED185,000 ($50,300) ($2022) to AED220,000 (2023), indeed very close to the pre-pandemic 2019 figure of AED250,000.”

GCC, India, UK, EU countries and USA make such trips not only for regular meetings with colleagues/partners in various offices but also for exhibitions, conferences, trade shows etc. Build new relationships by attending events.

Covid has challenged the cruise segment in an unprecedented way. Cruise will be one of the top tourism trends in 2023, offering travelers a unique opportunity to explore new destinations and combined with a multitude of activities to suit everyone on a cruise ship.

On the entertainment side, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Serbia, Albania, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan became the top choices for holiday destinations in 2022 for travelers from the UAE.

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“Passengers from the UAE enjoy visiting these countries because of the cooler weather and acceptable flight time of 3-4 hours. These destinations are not only suitable for vacations with family and children, but there are also many budget hotels to choose from in these destinations. and there are deals that offer value for money. Overall, these resorts provide customers with extremely good value for their money,” added Gadoya.

This preference for value propositions in both airfare and accommodation will continue in 2023. Gadoya also highlighted the expected increase in holiday travel to the UK and EU countries, particularly the UK, France and Switzerland, in 2023 compared to a return home.

“Travel restrictions and visa challenges due to the pandemic have not allowed many travelers to visit these destinations. As things improve, demand for holidays in the UK and EU countries will increase rapidly in 2023,” said Gadoya.

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Additionally, holiday travelers from the UAE prefer to visit countries that offer hassle-free easy visas that can be e-visas, visa-on-arrival or visa-free destinations.

Average spend per person on a vacation is also expected to increase from AED 2,500 in 2022 to AED 3,000 in 2023, up 15-20%, mainly due to increased airfares. Therefore, the flexibility of pricing and selection options is likely to affect travellers’ choices regarding airlines and hotels.

“Based on the learning and insights processed at our technical and innovation centers in the UAE and India, the industry must accelerate to offer outbound leisure travelers an equal mix of both budget and luxury options. We anticipate budget and luxury travel demand to each remain stable at 50%. We also see a marked divergence towards flexible wage demand in the coming year.”

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