Inside the Beltway: Volodymyr Zelenskyy has a book

Things move fast in the publishing world. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has a new book in seven weeks, courtesy of a major US publisher.

On December 6, Penguin Random House will publish “A Message From Ukraine,” based on the young leader’s effective outreach to his people and the world in the wake of the Russian invasion.

“A man’s words. The message of a people. Combining a new introduction by Volodymyr Zelenskyy with his most powerful war speeches, this book tells the story of Ukraine through the words of its President. It is the story of a nation bravely defending itself against Russian aggression. And it is the story of a people leading the world in the struggle for democracy,” the publisher says in advance.

“Most of all, it is a rallying cry for all of us to stand up and fight for freedom. If not now when? The only book officially authorized by President Zelenskyi, A Message from Ukraine, contains speeches that he personally selected to tell the story of the Ukrainian people.”

The 144-page book has a plain cover in the colors of the Ukrainian flag – bright blue and yellow – and is already available for pre-order from the publisher and nine major online sources – including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart.

Mr. Zelenskyy continues to speak out publicly by writing online with Ukrainian citizens and the rest of the world via Telegram Messenger, a Dubai-based messaging application that has 700 million users.

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“The enemy can attack our cities, but he will not be able to break us. The occupiers will only receive fair punishment and sentencing of future generations. And we will achieve victory,” the Ukrainian president said in a post on Monday.


How important is the upcoming debate between Pennsylvania Senatorial candidates? John Fettermana Democrat and a Republican Mehmed Oz? Fox News broadcasts a popular anchor Martha MacCallum to fight; Yes, she will be hosting her show “The Story” live from Harrisburg on October 26th.

Ms. MacCallum will also provide post-debate analysis and speak with local constituents about the upcoming midterm elections and the issues affecting Pennsylvania neighborhoods, according to an agenda shared with Inside the Beltway.

But that’s not all.

“During her tenure with the network, Martha MacCallum has played a role in every major political event since the 2004 presidential election and will return as co-anchor alongside the main political anchor Bret Baierin Fox News’ 2022 mid-term coverage on election night,” Fox News said.


Democratic strategists seem to have misjudged their messages to a particular group of women.

“Republicans have made massive gains in independent women in recent weeks as Democrats stepped up their pro-abortion messages ahead of the midterm elections,” reports National Review, citing results of a New York Times/Siena poll released Monday, March 49 % of likely US voters plan to vote for the Republican candidate representing their US representative district, while 45% side with the Democratic opponent.

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“Of particular note is a 32 percentage point increase in independent women toward the GOP. In the September repeat poll, Democrats boasted a 14-point lead among this demographic, but in October Republicans had an 18-point lead,” the National Review report says.

“While Democratic officials and progressive commentators had suggested that the overthrow of Roe v. Wade through the Supreme Court might soften the expected blow of the midterm election, the swing to the GOP among independent women — the group most targeted by Democratic strategists — suggests a focus on abortion could be to their own detriment ‘ it stated.


Three high-profile Republicans will soon embark on a “Take Back Our Country Tour” — which sounds like an appropriate response to the nation’s current state under the Biden administration.

Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDanielChairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Sen. Rick Scott of Florida and National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota will soon be traveling to campaign for Senate and House candidates in over a dozen battleground states across the country.

“Republicans are more united than ever to vote Republicans up and down and retake the House and Senate,” the three travelers said in a joint statement.

“This election is a referendum on the President Joe Biden and the clear record of Democrat failure: rising costs, runaway crime, and an open border. Voters have nominated an incredible list of Republican candidates who offer a clear alternative to the disastrous one-party rule of the Democrats. The election is clear this November and Republicans have sensible solutions to take back our country,” the trio said.

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The tour includes stops in 15 states in the final weeks of the election cycle. Find this road trip at


• 79% of US adults support requiring all voters to show photo ID to vote; 97% of Republicans, 84% of Independents and 53% of Democrats agree.

• 78% support early voting; 60% of Republicans, 79% of Independents and 95% of Democrats agree.

• 65% support the introduction of automatic voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles and certain government agencies; 47% of Republicans, 65% of Independents and 81% of Democrats agree.

• 60% support mailing ballots to all eligible voters before an election; 27% of Republicans, 63% of Independents and 88% of Democrats agree.

• 39% support removing people from voter registration lists if they do not vote in an election for five years; 59% of Republicans, 40% of Independents and 19% of Democrats agree.

• 39% support limiting the number of mailboxes or places where voting cards can be returned; 61% of Republicans, 38% of Independents and 18% of Democrats agree.

SOURCE: A Gallup poll of 1,013 US adults conducted July 5-26 and released Friday.

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