Inflation protests in Europe, Alex Jones seeks new trial, and more of today’s latest news

It’s Saturday, October 22nd. Stay on top of what’s happening around the nation and the world today.

LONDON (AP) – In Romania, protesters honked their horns and beat drums to express their dismay at the rising cost of living. People across France have taken to the streets to demand wage increases that keep pace with inflation. Czech protesters protested the government’s handling of the energy crisis. British railway workers and German pilots have gone on strike to push for better wages as prices soar.

Across Europe, rising inflation is behind a wave of protests and strikes that underscore growing discontent over the spiraling cost of living and threaten to unleash political turmoil. With British Prime Minister Liz Truss forced to step down in less than two months after her economic plans wreaked havoc in financial markets and further crippled a struggling economy, the risk to political leaders has become clearer as people require action.

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Europeans have seen their energy bills and food prices soar because of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Despite natural gas prices falling from summer records and governments allocating €576 billion (over $566 billion) in energy relief to homes and businesses since September 2021, according to Brussels think tank Bruegel, not enough for some protesters.

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Energy prices have driven inflation in the 19 countries that use the euro to a record 9.9%, making it harder for people to buy what they need. Some see little choice but to take to the streets.

“Today, people are forced to use pressure tactics to get a raise” in wages, said Rachid Ouchem, a doctor who was among more than 100,000 people who took part in protest marches this week in several French cities.

The aftermath of the war in Ukraine dramatically increased the risk of civil unrest in Europe, according to risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft. European leaders have strongly supported Ukraine, sending the country weapons and promising or being forced to turn their economies away from cheap Russian oil and natural gas, but the transition has not been easy and threatens to erode public support.

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Inflation protests in Europe threaten political turmoil

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russian officials based in Ukraine told all residents of the town of Kherson to leave “immediately” on Saturday, ahead of an expected advance by Ukrainian troops in a counter-offensive to recapture one of the first urban areas that Russia took it after invading the country.

In a post on the Telegram message service, the pro-Kremlin regional administration strongly urged civilians to use boat crossings across a major river to delve deeper into Russian-held territory, citing a tense situation at the front and the threat of bombings and alleged attacks. plans. for “terrorist attacks” in Kyiv.

Kherson has been in Russia’s hands since the early days of the nearly 8-month-long war in Ukraine. The city is the capital of a region of the same name, one of four that Russian President Vladimir Putin illegally annexed last month and placed under Russian martial law on Thursday.

Russian officials advise civilians to leave Ukraine region

HARTFORD, Connecticut (AP) – Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has asked a Connecticut judge to overturn a nearly $1 billion verdict against him and order a retrial in a lawsuit by Sandy Hook families who are said to have been victims. of harassment and threats from The Jones Lies about the 2012 Newtown School Shooting.

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Jones filed the requests on Friday, saying that Judge Barbara Bellis’s pre-trial decisions resulted in an unfair trial and “a substantial error of justice.”

“Furthermore, the amount of compensatory damages exceeds any rational relationship to the evidence offered at trial,” Jones’ attorneys Norm Pattis and Kevin Smith wrote in the motion.

Christopher Mattei, attorney for the 15 plaintiffs in the case against Jones, declined to comment on the request on Saturday, but said he and other lawyers for the Sandy Hook families will file a brief opposition to Jones’ request.

Twenty first graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School died in the attack on December 14, 2012.

Alex Jones seeks retrial after Sandy Hook's $1 billion verdict

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