Indians Love Dubai For International Travel; The Emirate Is Top Trending Destination

The travel industry is thriving after a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Most countries have opened their borders to international tourists and globetrotters are now on the move to visit different destinations. Indians also joined the train to explore the world and international travel is becoming such a mandate for most people. It seems that Indians are extremely fascinated with Dubai and it is an international choice for many.

Indians love Dubai for international travel!

With the increasing demand for travel to a foreign country, it shows that among so many places, most Indians gravitate towards Dubai. Travel trends make Dubai the most popular outbound destination for Indians. Thrillopia showcases the prominent travel destinations most Indians love to travel to.

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With Dubai, many other countries have also made it onto this list. In Asia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand attract huge tourists because of their great flight connections and comparatively cheap air tickets. Some other destinations that Indian travelers prefer are France, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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Why is this city in the emirate the most popular travel destination?

1. Dubai is perfect for solo travelers

Solo travel is probably on everyone’s bucket list and Dubai is quite a popular place to go solo. After Thailand, this city is loved by youngsters to travel alone and enjoy city life.

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2. Ideal for family vacations

Dubai is emerging as a wonderful destination for an international trip with family and loved ones. This city in the United Arab Emirates offers a wealth of experiences to share with the crowds. It doesn’t matter if you are young or adult, there is a lot for everyone to discover.

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3. Romantic travel destination

The emirate city is perfect for single travelers, families and couples. There are so many iconic places that offer unique experiences for a couple, such as: B. a date night on a yacht, game drives and cruises.

4. Heaven for adventure lovers

For the adventurous, this city in the United Arab Emirates is a paradise. With dune bashing, skydiving, skywalks and hot air balloon rides, the adventure options here are endless.

So when do you book your plane tickets to Dubai?

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