Indian Outgrow Chinese As Largest Group of Foreign Students In United Kingdom

The number of Indian students in the UK is increasing. According to a report by the Home Office in the UK, Indians have also overtaken the Chinese as the largest number of foreign students in the UK. Get details here

Indian has surpassed Chinese as the largest group of foreign students
Indian has surpassed Chinese as the largest group of foreign students

Indian Students in UK: According to reports, the population of Indian students studying in the UK has increased by 273 percent in recent years. Indians have also outnumbered Chinese students living in the UK. The skilled worker category received the highest number of visas, according to the country’s official immigration data.

as per Office for National Statistics (ONS), Indians continue to be at the top in receiving visas in the skilled worker category. A total of 56,042 visas were issued for this category in the last year. Moreover, Indians account for the higher number of visas, i.e. 36 per cent under the health and care tailored visa for skilled workers for medical professionals, which strengthens the Indian contribution to the state-funded National Health Service (NHS).

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Indians overtake Chinese in UK for visa grants

According to official figures, “There were 127,731 study visa grants to principal Indian nationals in the year ending September 2022, an increase of 93,470 (273 percent) compared to 2019 (34,261). Chinese nationals were the second most common nationality granted sponsored study visas in the year ending September 2022, with 116,476 visas granted to main applicants, 2% less than the number seen in 2019 (119,231)”.

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The special High Potential Individual (HPI) visa, which began in May this year to attract intellectual students from the world’s leading universities to work in the UK, has also received a 14 per cent grant for Indians. This happened despite the fact that no Indian university is included in the list of top universities in the world.

Increasing the increase in the post-pandemic period

Since the restrictions were lifted, the number of immigrants has been on the rise. “A series of global events affected international migration patterns in the 12 months to June 2022. Together these were unprecedented. Migration from non-EU countries, particularly students, is driving this increase. With the lifting of travel restrictions in 2021, more students have arrived in the UK Having studied remotely during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Jay Lindop, Director of the Center for International Migration at the ONS.

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