How To Get To Looking Glass Falls (& Tips For Visiting)

About halfway between beautiful Asheville, North Carolina and fabulous Greenville, South Carolina is Transylvania County, nestled in the breathtaking mountains of western North Carolina. The county is known for the 250 waterfalls found there, including one of the tallest falls in the eastern United States, the magnificent Whitewater Falls.

With access to exceptional attractions such as the famous Gorges State Park, the magnificent Pisgah National Forest and the vibrant DuPont State Forest, residents and visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, picnicking, biking, tubing, canoeing, and fishing in this area framed by the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains.


Additionally, a trip to Transylvania County is not complete without a stop at Looking Glass Falls. Due to its magnificence and accessibility, this amazing natural beauty is quite possibly the most photographed waterfall in America after Niagara Falls. Here are some tips for tourists to visit the Magical Glass Falls.

Facts about the fascinating Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls is located in the Cradle of Forest region of Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, North Carolina.

After George Vanderbilt’s death, this portion of the Biltmore Estate was sold to the federal government. Logging railroads used to run right next to the falls.

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Some tourists may know this waterfall because it featured in the popular 2016 biographical war film. metal saw burr.

Looking Glass Falls is the most visited waterfall in North Carolina and one of the most famous falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

What’s more, not only is it huge and stunning, but it’s also conveniently located near a busy road, making access easy. The street offers a view of the Looking Glass Falls, and by going down a few steps, tourists get a very sublime view.

Looking Glass is inspired by Looking Glass Rock, where water freezes in winter and then sparkles in the sunlight like a mirror or mirror.

Looking Glass Creek, which also flows past the majestic rock, is also named for its stunning natural structure. Tourists can see this very huge mountain or rock from the parkway.

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Its granite faces are often covered with ice throughout the winter, giving the impression of a mirror, especially in the early morning hours.

Tourists should definitely add Looking Glass Falls, a breathtaking 15.24 meter high cascade, to their must-see list when traveling through North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

The hypnotic spectacle of Looking Glass Falls is available year-round.

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How to get to the Looking Glass Falls?

Looking Glass Falls is almost off the road. Tourists can stop at the parking lot, which is off Highway 276 and has a lot of traffic in the summer.

Only a short hike separates the parking lot from the waterfall. Tourists can even view the falls from the parking lot without having to climb down any stairs, making it accessible to everyone.

To get a better view and to get to the viewing platform, you can go down a short flight of stairs.

  • track length: 0.25 miles or 0.4 km
  • Difficulty: Mild to moderate
  • Duration: 7 to 11 minutes

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Tips for visiting the Jaw-Dropping Glass Falls

For a unique panorama, approach the falls

From the deck, visitors can descend the rocks to reach the base of the falls, which is a lovely spot for swimming and wading throughout the summer.

Descending below the wondrous falls is a popular spot for visitors as it offers the best perspective of the falls and Looking Glass Creek.

Best time to see the mirror falls

Mornings are not a good time to take photos at Looking Glass as the light hits just behind the falls. Visits should be made very early in the morning, late in the day, or ideally on an overcast day.

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The creek area below the falls is often crowded with families and children wading, swimming and having fun all summer long.

It is also recommended to visit Looking Glass Falls around sunset to see it primarily for yourself or with a small group of other visitors.

People can even enter the creek below the falls to see them from a different, more breathtaking angle.

  • Important warning: Tourists should be extremely careful when navigating the slippery rocks. injuries to have occurred.

Looking Glass Falls photography tip

Both sunrise and sunset are perfect times to take photos. If visitors like leaf gazing and want to see colorful leaves, October is generally the best month.

To get the best picture, be prepared to wade into the water and possibly get a bit wet. It’s easiest to go through the main entrance rather than up the creek.

Sunrise at the dazzling Looking Glass Falls is usually the best time in the fall and winter. If people are lucky, the steam from Looking Glass Creek will visibly rise.

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