Hotel Review: LUX* Maldives South Ari Atoll in the Maldives

Just a short seaplane flight away from the capital city of Male’ International Airport, lies a paradise of perfect entertainment, kissing pearly white beaches, lush green jungles and lush palm-fringed turquoise waters.

There is something truly magical here, the sea seems to be a brighter blue, the sand is softer, and the frangipani air is richer. LUX* Maldives South Ari Atoll has a positive effect on everyone who visits – when you arrive, everything feels more wonderful, happy and beautiful than before.

As the name suggests, LUX*, a long thin natural island, is located in South Ari Atoll, south/southwest of Male. One of the largest resorts in the Maldives, it is very popular with visitors from all over the world – some because they know and love the LUX* brand, others because they want something more than the typical beach holiday associated with the Maldives. to be

The beaches here are beautiful, and of course you can soak up the sun most days, but there are other great ways to pass the time.


luxury maldives villa
Luxury residences include water villas with private infinity pools and ocean-view pools

But first, the accommodation. From cozy beach villas on the island’s beautiful shores to stunning ‘seduction water villas’ perched over the sea, with private 14-metre infinity pools, jacuzzis and stunning views of the sea.

Overlooking the tropical waters of the Maldives, the thatched beach bungalows and villas create a stylish beach retreat. On the sandy shores, guests relax under palm trees and descend directly into the Indian Ocean from the decks of overwater villas. White walls, light and airy spaces with tropical foliage and colors create a relaxed lifestyle.

There are eight different categories, so whether you’re visiting alone or with a small tribe of travelers, or if you prefer a water villa to a beach, you’ll easily find your perfect fit.

As mentioned above, LUX* Villas are the perfect presidential villas for travelers looking for a simple yet stylish luxury pool villa. two-bedroom family beach pavilions – interconnected, perfect for families and friends; romantic pool villas, loved by couples and honeymooners; Maldives Water Villas and Beach Villas are for those who would rather enjoy the sea than having a private pool, and there are several other super villas. All with gorgeous bathrooms, sun decks, AC, and all amenities.

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Do it

Luxury Maldives Villas
The resort provides the perfect luxury base from which to explore the island

If you can tear yourself away from your sweet home, hop on one of the island buses that run every 15 minutes, or ride a bike and explore. The island has a main sand road lined with palm trees for dappled shade. You’ll pass an arrivals and departures lobby with a coffee bar, scuba diving and water sports center, a variety of restaurants and bars, a pool, a kids’ club, and a few special touches that we really love.

At the very tip of the island is an old red phone box where you can call home for free (yes really) and a small library with a loft overlooking the ocean where you can relax and read in the cool sea breeze. Back to the center of the island is a wonderful wishing tree. This is so cute and a really good idea.

All guests are given ribbons to write down their most cherished wishes and then hang them on the branches of the majestic tree. At the end of each year, all the ribbons are collected and some are chosen to receive a special gift, including a free vacation at the resort. When we visited in July, the tree was already filled with precious ribbons, all rustling very gently in the breeze.

Another nice touch, and one that the kids love, is that very early every morning, crew members hide glass bottles around the island for a family treasure hunt. Each bottle has a message with a prize, which could be something like a free pizza at their villa or other goodies. It’s warm, friendly, welcoming and fun, and it fits the whole ethos of this resort!

Amazing wildlife

deluxe maldives swing
The entire island is surrounded by beautiful beaches of the softest white sand

As for other activities, the entire island is surrounded by beautiful beaches with the softest white sand, which are so large that you can find a small bay to yourself. Some places have swings over the sea, so you can pretend to be a kid again and let the wind blow through your hair.

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Walk along the shore and you’ll see many of the island’s wild inhabitants – legged gray herons scampering to the grill, elegant white terns, ghost crabs, funny wrasse, even offshore, reef, lemon and black tip. sharks are prowling. Heading offshore, you’ll spot everything from colorful parrotfish to the odd needlefish, eagle and stingrays, and large sharks hoping for an easy meal.

The resort is located in a marine protected area and is home to incredible natural beauty, including 50 dive sites teeming with wildlife – rays, sea turtles, thousands of species of reef fish, dolphins and the mysterious whale shark.

You can take a cruise to see these majestic, plankton-eating spotted creatures. The resort’s marine biologist takes groups on a traditional wooden Dhoni boat to snorkel or snorkel alongside whale sharks and manta rays (keeping a safe and careful distance from nature).


luxe Maldivian umami
Plant-based food lovers can enjoy a meal from all the resort’s dining options, including the Japanese restaurant Umani.

LUX* Maldives South Ari Atoll is really proud of its many efforts to help fight climate change, including planting corals, banning single-use plastics, and having its own water factory (which currently saves 810,000 plastic bottles). tend their own herb and vegetable gardens, launch the world’s largest floating solar platform at sea, and provide visitors with bicycles, island boats and solar-powered vehicles. It’s really commendable and very inspiring that resorts like this take sustainability and the environment so seriously.

Sustainability can also be enjoyed at the LUX* Maldives South Ari Atoll, with its culinary delights. It is the first resort in the Maldives to be recognized as a ‘vegan friendly hotel’ by Vegan Welcome. Plant-based food lovers can choose from “vegetarian” vegetarian and vegan menus at all restaurants. At Umami, they will enjoy yaki udon noodles, yasai maki rolls, and Japanese coffee jelly. They can also enjoy delicacies such as black truffle, porcini pizza and Vietnamese bean curd at the Veli Bar. A guilt-free meal of sustainable treats full of organic goodness.

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All inclusive dining

lux maldives allegria
The Italian restaurant Allegria has a magical atmosphere perfect for a romantic sunset dinner

Most guests love the excellent all-inclusive resort packages, so they don’t mind paying a lot. There are six restaurants and five bars, and you can enjoy a 30% discount at the gourmet Japanese restaurant Umami, as well as the Italian restaurant Allegria. A wide selection of drinks: 80 wines, 50 cocktails, a self-service minibar, all-you-can-eat ice cream during afternoon tea. We enjoyed the free ice cream treats every day.

At LUX* Maldives South Ari Atoll, you can truly go on a culinary journey – Umami from Japan, Beach Rouge from the Mediterranean, Allegria from Italy, Senses from the Middle East and Indian Ocean, East Coast from Asia and a world tour on MIXE. We had great food every day and tasted great wine.

Water sports and spa

luxury maldives spa
The peaceful spa is located on a beautiful private beach

Activities, we have already mentioned some of them, but water sports are also available. They have jet skis, paddleboards, hoverboards, flyboards, wakeboards, water skis, kneeboards, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, banana boats and other tubes, as well as fishing, parasailing and catamarans! You can learn to dive at a dive center and get full training and PADI certification.

There is also a wonderful spa on a private beach. It’s so peaceful, and even if you don’t plan on getting one of the super treatments they offer, you can take advantage of the spa facilities, relax on comfortable daybeds in the shade, or take a dip in the private pool. One of the true hidden gems of the resort.

In the peanut bone

There is a lot to praise about LUX* Maldives South Ari Atoll, but I will end by saying that it is an amazing resort, and you will be sad to leave. If you visit, I’m sure you’ll be making plans to go back as soon as you get home, just like me!


Address: South Atoll, Didhoofinolhu, Maldives
Telephone: (960) 668 0901
Email: [email protected]


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