HEC Paris MBA Jobs & Salary Review

One of France’s elite and highly competitive Grande Écoles, HEC Paris offers an MBA that ranks among the best in Europe in 2022 according to the Financial Times.

As one of the best MBAs in Europe, the program attracts a diverse audience – 94% of the students are international. They are attracted to the potential professional implications of completing the program. In the Class of 2021, 93% of HEC Paris MBAs accepted job offers within three months of graduation.

So what are the options open to an MBA graduate from HEC Paris? We looked at the Class of 2021 Employment Report to find out.

Companies hiring HEC Paris MBAs

Top MBA employers, including the big three consulting firms Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), hired HEC Paris MBAs in 2021. Other big recruiters included Amazon, Deloitte, PWC, and EY. HEC Paris has a strong reputation for luxury, which has helped students secure positions with top brands like Kearney and LVMH.

HEC Paris MBAs are flocking to tech jobs in 2021. Tech was by far the most popular industry, with 36% of students securing a job in the sector. This follows a growing trend in business schools around the world, with technology becoming more popular.

Alongside technology, finance is another top sector for MBAs, with many of the world’s largest banks hiring from the top B-school cohorts. In 2021, it was the second most popular industry as 17% of students landed positions in finance.

Consulting – the top industry for the latest cohort of HEC Paris MBAs – was the third most popular sector with 16% of graduates going on to work in consulting firms.

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HEC Paris’ focus on luxury resulted in 9% of students securing a position in retail and luxury, while another 5% moved into the healthcare sector. Overall, 4% of students found jobs in government or non-profit organizations, while 3% took jobs in manufacturing, consumer goods and energy.

Many of these new roles represented a career change for the Class of 2021. Up to 79% of students made the transition from their pre-MBA jobs to the industry, while 67% changed roles and 62% changed locations.

The infamous triple jump – where all three were switched – was completed by 40% of the class.

HEC Paris MBA class profile


Average MBA Salaries at HEC Paris

Salary is an important factor when applying to business school. The BusinessBecause 2022 Cost of MBA Report found that a top MBA costs an average of $189.00; For this price you want to be sure that you are getting a good return on your investment.

At HEC Paris, MBA graduates earn average salaries of approximately $128,000, with an additional enrollment bonus of approximately $18,000. The average HEC Paris MBA graduate doubled his pre-MBA salary in 2021.

Graduates earned huge salaries in a range of industries. Technology graduates earned average salaries of around $136,000. Health care graduates were also the top earners, with salaries around $135,000, while manufacturing graduates earned around $130,000.

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The highest-earning student in the class of 2021 worked in counseling and earned a whopping salary of around $384,000.

In the remaining three major MBA industries, average consulting graduate salaries were $130,000 and finance graduate salaries were around $117,000. Energy graduates earned about $118,000, while consumer products graduates earned about $101,000.

Retail and government or nonprofit graduates earned average salaries of about $89,000 to $86,000.

Salaries also varied by region. Graduates who left France to work in the Middle East earned around US$192,000 on average. For those working in the US, salaries averaged around $160,000.

Graduates who worked in Africa earned an average of $114,000 and graduates who stayed in France earned an average of $98,000.

HEC Paris MBA Job Goals

HEC Paris MBA class 2021 graduates have found jobs around the world. Many stayed in Europe after graduating, with 23% finding a job in France and a further 42% securing jobs in the rest of Europe.

Asia and Oceania were also popular destinations, with 18% of graduates finding employment. Graduates also ended up in top positions in the Middle East, the United States and Latin America.

HEC Paris MBA Success Story

Enrolling in the HEC Paris MBA gives you the chance to earn a huge salary at some of the largest companies in the world and can also help you become an entrepreneur. It is estimated that 25% of HEC Paris MBA students start their own business after graduation.

Hilary Matson used the HEC Paris MBA to step away from her eight-year career at Amazon to found Yūgen Earthside, a sustainable travel startup.

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The MBA helped Hilary gather the expertise she needed as she developed her business plan during the entrepreneurship track of the program. “By the time I graduated, all of the theoretical business planning and market research had been completed,” she says.


She also made contacts that she was able to use in the various phases of setting up her startup. “One of my classmates designed the company logo, another classmate regularly writes content for our blog, and other classmates were interns,” she says.

“I have to give the MBA a lot of credit.”

Who is the HEC Paris MBA suitable for?


If you are an international candidate looking to change locations, HEC Paris is a great option for your MBA. Indeed: if you are looking to make a career change in any way, be it location, industry or function, the number of students who achieve this after the program shows that this is a top degree for career changers.

It’s also a program that has appeal beyond the more traditional MBA branches of consulting, technology, and finance. With top earners working in healthcare and manufacturing, this is a course to consider if you want a wide range of career opportunities.

Enrolling in this high-level program will introduce you to a diverse and international cohort and give you equally diverse and international career opportunities when it comes to graduation.


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