“He Came Here, Rock and Roll”: One Singapore GP Victory Was Important To Entitle Lewis Hamilton’s Infamously Extravagant Lifestyle

Since he is one of the most prominent people in sport, Lewis Hamilton has always had doubters and critics in addition to his fans. Due to his tremendous success in the sport, Lewis leads quite a lavish and busy life when not on the track. And that’s exactly something that wasn’t a good fit some time ago.


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In 2018, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff came to his superstar driver’s side as he slammed Hamilton’s critics.


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After a perfect lap in the floodlights of Singapore, Lewis Hamilton snatched pole position. Mercedes was expected to fight at the Marina Bay Track. However, a touch of class from Lewis Hamilton ensured he won the race and established a 40-point lead over Championship rival Sebastian Vettel.

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Despite his brilliance on the circuit, Lewis has been criticized for his constant travel between the Italian and Singapore GPs. His travel plans didn’t necessarily impress many people. But Toto Wolff had none of it. The Austrian said Lewis loves living life to the fullest and asked people to leave him alone.

wolff said “For six years I’ve been hearing, ‘How can you let Lewis get out and fly around the world?'”

He came here, rock and roll, and blew everyone’s minds. Let’s just not be judgmental and allow everyone to judge how they perform best. He knows best what is good for him.”

Despite his busy travel schedule, Lewis Hamilton blew the track in Singapore. He finished almost 9 seconds ahead of second placed Max Verstappen in what was a commanding performance in the night race.

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Lewis Hamilton says F1 is always his “priority” over other interests

Mercedes and Lewis are a match made in heaven. Not only is this a great partnership for the track, but they are also very good off the track. In addition, Lewis thanked Mercedes for supporting his projects such as his collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.

Despite all that, Hamilton has kept reminding Toto Wolff of his commitment and F1 as his top priority.


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In 2018, Lewis said: “I definitely feel like my approach and the balance I have in my life in general is really good. I said to Toto, ‘Just don’t think for a second, or let it creep into your head, that I don’t want to win this championship more than anything. So that’s my priority”

Lewis went on to mention that he should be judged for his on-track performances. He was also pleased that people could experience his masterclass during the flight in his silver Mercedes.

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He said, “I’m glad you saw this performance.”


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At this point, Lewis Hamilton was on course to win his 5th championship. However, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying his life to the fullest.

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