Greece Among Europe’s Top Destinations to Visit in 2023, Says ETC Market Study

Greece is one of the most mentioned countries in Western Europe European and American users According to the European Tourism Commission (ETC), it is open to visitors in 2023.

In its market research, ETC “Exploring Consumer Travel Attitudes and Expectations to Drive Tourism Recovery” Consumers from the European market (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain) and long term markets (Australia, USA).

This study is the second part of a two-phase study. The first phase analyzed consumer travel behavior before the summer of 2022, while the second ETC study post-summer experiences and short-term and long-term tourist expectations.

From all interviewees, 94 percent Satisfied or very satisfied with your summer 2022 European vacation.

Greece is popular in 2022

Looking at the destinations visited by interviewees in the summer of 2022, Italy is the most popular, followed by Spain, France, Greece.

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According to the interviewees Mediterranean countrywere generally favorite places to visit. This summer’s popularity in Mediterranean countries coincides with the results of the 12th wave survey on tourism in Spain, France, Italy, Italy, France, Domestic and European countries. Greece Croatia is among the 5 most popular countries.

Greece is one of the most likely countries to visit in 2023

Based on their vision of Europe when traveling in 2023, most interviewees are open to Western Europe, with Germany, Portugal, France, GreeceItaly, the Netherlands and Spain are the most mentioned countries, according to the ETC survey.

Especially for GreeceInterviewees from Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States said they would be willing to visit the country in 2023.

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The perception of Europe regarding tourism is positive

The majority of interviewees (91 percent) a Europe is positively perceived as a tourist destination. Travelers appreciate the region’s cultural diversity and geographic proximity to tourist attractions and destinations.

Countries bordering Russia or Ukraine will be avoided

According to the ETC survey, respondents expressed concern about the war in Ukraine. Almost 2 out of 5 people mentioned that they avoid visiting neighboring countries with conflict zones. However, the war did not cast a negative light on Europe as a whole. Only seven percent said they would refuse to travel to Eastern Europe in general. Respondents in Europe generally a a safe destination to visit

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Other key findings from the ETC study include:

54 percent said the interviewees labor shortage Summer 2022, but few of them believe that their trust in travel service providers has been affected

– Covid-19 continues to be cited as a concern 22 percent of the respondents in the travel planning stage

– 3 out of 4 respondents are waiting inflation In order to influence future travel, consumers may do more research before booking their next vacation, shorten the duration of the trip, travel in the off-season, prioritize their travel budget more wisely, and cut costs such as eating out.

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