Göynükbelen Youth Camp Will Open Uludağ’s Hidden Face to Youth 12 Months of the Year

Goynukbelen Youth Camp will show the hidden face of Uludag to youth throughout the month of the year
Göynükbelen Youth Camp will open the hidden face of Uludağ to the youth 12 months a year

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which offers privileged vacations to young people at Kestel Alaçam Scouting Camp and Gemlik Karacaali Youth Camp, opens the hidden face of Uludağ to young people for 12 months a year with Göynükbelen Youth Camp, the construction of which started in Orhaneli Gölcük Plateau.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has proposed many activities to support young people and children in every way, continues its activities in Orhaneli Göynükbelen Youth Camp serving young people in summer and winter after Kestel Alaçam Scouting Camp and Gemlik Karacaali Youth Camp becomes. The 68,500 square meter nature-designed campsite on the Gölcük Plateau was designed as a campus consisting of four-season accommodation, sports and activity areas.

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A great facility

Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Bursa Municipality, together with Deputy Bursa Osman Mesten, Mayor of Orhaneli Ali Aykurt and Deputy Chairman of AK Party Mustafa Yavuz, inspected the ongoing work at Göynükbelen Youth Camp on site. Mayor Aktaş said that with the support of the ministries, Bursa MPs and the possibilities of the city government, they are conducting many studies in the fields of tourism, youth, sports, environment, infrastructure, superstructure and historical restoration. Mayor Aktaş said that there are around 600 construction sites in Bursa: “The youth camp activities continue in a great environment on the Gölcük Plateau with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The area allocated to the Metropolitan Municipality by the Orhaneli Municipality was designed to be 68,500 square kilometers but can be expanded to 80,000 square meters over time. We will welcome our young people from all over Turkey, especially our children from Bursa. We plan to finish the bungalow houses by May. We aim to serve here from mid-2023. There will be football, basketball and volleyball courts, educational buildings, activity and picnic areas, bungalow-style dormitories, dining hall, prayer room, infirmary, administration building and staff quarters. ” he said.

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Mayor Aktaş reminded that the camping service is provided in a tent environment in Kestel Alaçam and can only be used in the summer and Karacaali Camp can only be used in the summer months due to its location by the sea winter used. It will be a wonderful environment surrounded by nature. Winter is rated separately, and summer is rated in a beautiful way. Our camp will be instrumental in educating young people who are our future. Good luck now,” he said.

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President Aktaş and members of the protocol met with citizens in Göynükbelen district after the investigation. with citizens sohbet chairman aktaş listened to the needs and gave instructions to the responsible units in order to eliminate the deficiencies in a short time.


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